Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here comes the weekend!

I am hoping for a couple of nice results over the next two days, as I frequently end the month well and would like to push the monthly winnings up.

However the key focus for me is the Weekend.
On Saturday I am in the $750 LOQ final, with a World Series place for the winner. I qualified for this by winning a $15 qualifier last night. I was particularly pleased with these, as when I started the Heads up I had 6k in chips compared to the other guy with 36k.
Also on Saturday Night is the $140 world series qualifier for the $1000 final on Sunday.

Sunday brings the $1050 World Series final (hopefully), the $600k six pack tournament and the £50k tournament (recently increased from £40k).

These all have a lot of potential to get April off to a flying start and get my World Series seat secured.

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dumbsmuck said...

Best of luck mate, sounds like a busy schedule!!