Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mothers Day!

Today has been a good day. Aside from waking up with a hangover, I have had some good results today.

I won a £20STT to start the day off and then entered a £20 MTT.
Out of 94 runners I came 3rd, taking home £240. March total back at +£1.3k.

However it is the World Series qualifiers I have been most pleased with.
I started off in $25 Level 1 qualifier at 9pm and succesfully got through that one.
The $140 Level 2 qualifier started at 00:30 and with the clocks going forward it was going to be a long night!
Well at 4:23 am I won the qualifier and now take my place in the $1000 World Series final for a place in the main event later today at 6pm. There are currently 22 entered, so I suspect there will be 2 seats available.
A world series for £15 would be very nice!
Time to get some sleep!
One tiny quirk of fate, last year I qualified for Vegas on Fathers Day, today it is Mothers Day. Too much of a coincidence?!?! Game on!


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