Saturday, February 25, 2006

Close but no cigar!

Tonight I resumed my quest for a world series place and unfortunately fell just short finishing 7 places behind that so important seat.

Once again I was reminded of how cruel this game can be.
After making a solid start and eliminating two players, I was feeling confident.

The first piece of bad luck came when holding AK hearts. I called a reraise and saw a K63 flop two hearts. I checked the flop for the guy to go all in and quickly got my chips in. I was up against QQ. No guesses for what the turn card was. Yes a queen! No heart followed.

I fought my way back to make it to the final table and with just eight people left, I was dealt Tens on the button. I tried to make it look like a steal and went all in. Small blind called me instantly. He turned over 55. This was fantastic, a double up plus antes would put me right in the thick of things.
Flop J94. No worries, just no 5. Turn is a 7. No 5 and I am right back in. Here comes the river! Two cards left in the pack out of 44, that will knock me out. I am more than a 95% favourite. Its a five, I am out!

The previously quiet table sees the following comments, ouch, vul, omg! Oh my god indeed! I leave the table, this is ridculous, how can I play this game when that happens. I vow never to play again - same time next week then!

Vegas is getting closer!

Be luckier than me

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