Saturday, February 11, 2006

Becoming a Poker Player

Between August & November it was all about playing as much as I could.
Learning about me, experimenting with styles. Learning about everyone elses game. Learning.
I read every poker book known to man. Dan Harringtons win by a mile.

I started keeping records of all my games. I was only playing tournament games, single table and multi table.
Without every winning a major tournament, I was making plenty of high finishes and making money.

August + £2k. inc 12th in £35k, three final table appearances in £10k/£15k
September + £2.4k inc 4th in the £15k
October + £2.6k inc 3rd in the £15k and 2nd in £3k
November +£1k inc 3rd in the 15k.

I never won any major tournaments aside from a couple of £10 entry MTT's and the one for Caribbean.

I was however getting a fantastic strike rate - 33% of the time I was making the money in the 15k.

It was also a time for meeting new people and making friends. There is such a close community within this game. I have to say thank you at this point, to all those people who have sat down and watched me play and given me support. It is really much appreciated. Thanks in particular goes out to Kai, Alfie, Ian, Neal, Mick, Dave and Mac, but there are a whole host of others who without them, would not make this game anywhere near as interesting.

I finished my job at the end of October, and I had a two month period to see how good I could get before I started again in January.
A broken ankle robbed me of some playing time in November, but it was not going to stop me playing in St.Kitts and thankfully it was fully recovered when I set off for the Caribbean.

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