Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Start of something?

My run of six 15k tournaments without cashing is over. Okay I only came 25th tonight taking home £75, but I feel my game is starting to happen again.

This game is a bit of a rollercoaster, you win for a couple of weeks and then lose for a few. Mostly it is about confidence, when you are on a high you play better, until a point when you get too confident and you start to lose again!.

Tonight I was playing well and going nicely, staying in the top ten for the 2nd and 3rd hour of the tournament. After losing a nice pot with JJ against AT, I was left with 11k in chips with the blinds up at 600 & 1200.

Dealt KQhearts I decided to raise to 4800 and had one caller. When the flop was Ah,9h,6d in was time to put the rest of my chips. When I was called I figured it would be with a big hand. But even if he had an ace, I still would not be too far off 50/50 to win. To my amazement it was 78off. I was a huge favourite with two cards to come, I started to see where I was going to be on the leaderboard. Before I got time to do it, the turn card came down a 5! For the fourth consecutive tournament, I had been a big favourite and lost to straight on the turn or river!

I have the feeling that my game is about to take off again and hope to record some nice payouts in the next few days. (Hopefully the World series seat on Saturday!)

Thanks to those people supporting me tonight! Mac your first big tournament win is coming!

Be lucky

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dumbsmuck said...

Keep at it and keep playing the percentages. It is easy to get over analytical on one's play when things don't go well, but remember, luck plays only a very small part in the long run. We all get good and bad runs of luck, so may the good runs be long and prosperous, and the bad one's short lived. Hopefully, yours is at an end! Roll on tonights 15k, my money is on a ClintonO final table finish.