Saturday, February 11, 2006

Poker in the Sun


10 days in the sun, which a few games of poker thrown in for fun.
Again it was with Littlewoods and all the gang were back, it felt like a family reunion. Dave Colclough, John Kabbaj and Tony Cascarino were new additions to the team and they all added to the whole experience.

This time I was not the lone qualifier like I was in Vegas, there were many others. This made the event even more special. Hi to Steve the butcher at this point, really great to meet you.

Linen shirts, cricket hats and an all inclusive package. Bruce and Scott thank you. I have never been anywhere and had a minus room bill at the end of the holiday!

The main event was mixed for me. I had started well enough, moving from 6k starting chips up to 10k.
Then it was the curse of the big pocket pair. Twice I had KK and twice hit a third King on the flop. First time I lost to a flush on the river, the next time a straight.

I recovered to see one of the funniest moments in my short poker career. There were five minutes left before the evening dinner break (6hours of play). The guy on my left 'Clothey' started building a wall with his chips when it was his turn to act. He started with one colour chip all the way across the table, then the next colour, then the next colour. Five minutes later he built his masterpiece and proceeded to fold! So So Funny!

I lasted until the last few hands of that day, I had AK suited against John Kabbaj who held pocket sevens. To this day I have never won a coin flip in a live event.

Whilst I was there I made the Littlewoods team final which was another great experience. My team was Dave Colclough, Tony Cascarino and Robert Price 'Animal' and myself. I had high hopes indeed of winning some money! Unfortunately both Dave and Tony went out early in their STT. I came third in my event when my K6 was beaten by K4 - (my luck will come!). We came 5th of 9.

One of the things that made my holiday, was one of the very successful online players 'Riphja' asked for a picture with me, because I was one of the best players on the site! Fame at last!

The peniultimate night was a great night for Littlewoods and especially those players who had made the Littlewoods team. First of all Tony Cascarino won the pro-am taking home $100,000. Dave (eventually came 6th) and Animal (12th) had just made the money in the main event. 3 of the 4 who represented Littlewoods had just made a wedge of money. So this has to be my night?!?!

I was playing in the $500 No limit with 150 players. I was playing well and feeling confident.
I had made it to the last three tables (27 players) thinking I was only nine from the money. At this point I find out they are only paying 9!

I was continuing to play well until my QQ (yes again) was busted by JT. I was determined to recover and make that final table. 3 tables become 2 and soon 18 became 11.
I was short stacked in the small blind, everyone else had folded. I had QJ suited (Diamonds) - I was all in.
I was immediately called by 44. This was it, I needed to win a coin flip to make the money.
The flop gave me some hope, two diamonds and a ten, the turn was a nine. Any diamond, any King, Queen, Jack or Eight. 23 cards out of the 45 remaining in the pack that would show me the money. The river was the 7 hearts. That was not one of them.

The four of us in our team won $150,000 that day. I won $0. That felt very bad!

So I don't feel really awful I have to include a story where I did win money in the Caribbean.
The last thing I expected to be doing whilst I was there was playing on-line poker. It was 32 degrees c outside! However Poker Tony asked me to play in the Labrokes $50k for him as he was busy doing hundreds of interviews. Four hours later, I had finished 18th and secured $450. I think that was missed off the Littlewoods summary of money won during the tournament! I think I will write to them.

Another amazing holiday and amazing experience. Thanks again to the Littlewoods guys, you were awesome. If anyone needs a recommendation of where to start playing poker. Look no further than the link on this page.

This has been an incredible start to my poker career - I can only hope its gets better.

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