Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knowledge is Power

In my first game after a real learning experience this weekend, I produce my 3rd best performance of the year in the £15k and achieve Objective 3 of making a final table in this tournament.

All this despite problems with my computer, meaning I was out of action for 15 mins, losing over 10k in chips.

I finished in 6th place with £785 when my KQ ran into QQ and there was no King to help me.
I was very pleased with this, I had no idea where I was in the tournament from about 9pm, as my computer would not let me see the lobby. I could not play in any other games as a result, so for the first time in ages I concentrated on just one game - the way forward perhaps?

I will take £500 for the bankroll, which moves the monthly total to £1.2k, this is particuarly pleasing, as this month is not about profit, but about getting that elusive seat.

I hope that the lessons learnt over the last few days, have given me a few more tricks at the table and that my competitors will have to reevaluate their views on me.

In the meantime a great result and I look forward to posting again, hopefully when Arsenal are crowned champions of Europe.


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