Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Caribbean Poker Classic - St.Kitts Version 3

Once again apologies for the lack of posts.

I will try my upmost to keep updating whilst I am in St.Kitts.

Of late I have been fairly successful, I had back to back 3rd place in the $13k and a 3rd in the $4.5k last week also.

I flew into St.Kitts yesterday with the aim of finally cashing in a recognised tournament.
Today was game 1. $200 NL Holdem.
2000 chips starting stack and from the off it is very aggressive.
We get to level 4 and I still have my 2000 chips, I am just waiting for a big hand to double up.

Blinds are now 100/200. As usual we get an early raise to 600. I turn over KK. Lets play this carefully. If I call now, I can guarantee the rest of his chips go in on the flop.
Here comes the flop JK4 rainbow. Perfect. He moves all in, this is going to plan perfectly. He has JT. Of course, I get up to leave as I have no hope here.
He of course wins with a straight and I lose a 3rd tournament in St.kitts after flopping a set of kings.

I am shortly going to play in the super satellite for the main event, lets hope it gets better from here on in.!


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