Friday, November 30, 2007

$400 Nl Holdem Champion

Yet another objective completed and its time for celebration as I win my first recognised live event.
Last night I won the 144 runners, $400 NL Holdem Tournament, also making back to back final tables.

Ultimately we agreed a deal at the end to divide the money up fairly, but I was chip leader at the time, at took home the top prize of $10k and the title!

The day started well, as I raced through the first level taking chips everywhere. That was not to last long however as both JJ and QQ were beating by worse hands (55, AT). From this point it was a matter of hanging on and picking my opportunities. With 45 left I doubled when 99 beat 88 and then with 30 left and 3 hands before the dinner break, I reraise a loose player with A8 and my hand held up against KQ. A further win before dinner saw me back in it.

When I had made the money and 17 left, I had my first bit of fortune. I reraised with AQ and was up against KK. An ace was the first card out and the crowd cheered! I was very relieved. From that moment on, I continue to pick up chips at pace and by time we were going to the final table, I was amongst the chip leaders with around 90-100k.

On the final table I was fairly aggressive taking down 2 pots early on. With 9 left, the following situation arose. Matt (Noseyboy) Osborne pushes from 3rd place with 29k. I turn over AQ spades and decide to isolate, incredibly though the big blind moves all in for about 40k. I know I am in trouble. Matt has 88, me AQ and big blind KK.

At this point everyone is on their feet and we have a big crowd. Flop comes 245. The kings are still in front. The turn brings Matts 2 outer, a 3rd 8, then the river brings a miracle 3 and I take the pot to the delight of the crowd. (PHEW!)

We eliminated one more player and then decide to talk deals with 6 left. Blinds were up to 6000/12000 and it was becoming difficult to play. I had about 17ok, 2nd 120k, 3rd and 4th 90k and 5th and 6th 70k. We did the split, $10k, $8k, $7k,$7k, $5k, $5k and I was happy with that. $10k and first place was a great days work.

I then had a quick photo shoot with Poker Europa and an interview for the TV Cameras!
I would like to thank all the guys who cheered me on to success, it was very much appreciated. I was also offered a deal to get me into the main event today by a great player, but I declined the very generous offer as my brain needs a rest after 2 full days of poker.

Today it is time for a rest on the beach and then to start thinking about Beach Poccer.
Good luck to everyone in the main event today.
Now where did I put my towel!



Anonymous said...

I only have one word to say "CONGRATULATIONS"

AlexB said...

What Joe said m8 - to both of you - always knew it was a matter of time m8, now surely it must be my turn next (-:

Anonymous said...

fantastic m8 congrats well derserved jus

PP said...

Very good work! Fantastic stuff.

Out of interest, what would the prize structure have been if you hadn't agreed the deal?

Marky said...

Well done Clinton- nice one!

Anonymous said...

Well Done Clint! All you and Mihay need to do now is have faith in your abilities and turn down these silly deals!

See you def at poccer 2008


TEAMDOBB said...


Anonymous said...

all mihay needs to do now is get himself a life , lmao

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