Thursday, November 29, 2007

St.Kitts $300 NL Holdem - Objective Complete

Well it was a long time coming, but after tomorrow there will be a new addition to the Hendon Mob database under the name Orchard. In fact not just one new name but two.

With 131 runners, both Rachael and myself made the money and in fact the final table.
I went out in 9th, with as usual Rachael out doing me by finishing 8th.

Tomorrow, I will proudly call up the hendon mob database and see myself with an entry and career winnings of $820!

It was a day, where I had to fight and scrap for everything. The most premium hand I had was TT and AQ in eight hours of play.

Starting from 3k, I moved to 4k by the first break, 14k by the second and 13k (average) by the third.
I managed to knock three people out AT versus A5, with AT4 on the board. AQ versus 88, who was short stacked and AQ versus A8 with just 11 left.

As we were approaching bubble time, I was as usual towards the back of the field and managed to claw my way onto the final table, culminating in me moving to the final table with 35k. Rachael had 18k on the final table, although had been up to 30k early in the tournament.

With Antes of 300 and blinds 1500/3000, even with an average chip stack, I could not hang around.

We lost one player and then after the antes and blinds taking care of 12k of my stack, I find AJ hearts on the button after being folded to me. I raise to 10k and the loose small blind moves all in.
With just 13k back, I decided I was going to move especially as the had just done the same thing with J5 to knock out the guy in 10th. However this time he turned over AA.
The flop was Q73, 1heart, the turn bought the 9 hearts and suddenly there was faint hope. Be red, be red, it was red by a diamond. Out in 9th place.

Rachael has become shortstacked at his point and with the other shortstack moving all in, she called in the big blind with KJ hearts. Her opponent turned over A2. The flop was 6QT, giving her 14 outs, but an 8 and another ten followed meaning she left in 8th place.

Finally I have made the money in a registered event and I can live happily ever after knowing I have made a live poker database with career earnings of $820. However now my wife sits with more career earnings, I have to keep going.

Today it's the $400 NL Event and lets keep this run going!



dumbsmuck said...

congrats to both of you!! well done team Orchard! Talk soon

Anonymous said...

Nice one Clinton. Well done & good luck with the other tournies.

Menace said...

Well done Clinton! Congratulations and good luck in the other tournaments. Speak soon.

- Kai