Friday, July 04, 2008

Day 4 - Congrats to Rusty

Day 4 was the $210 at Binions with just 152 players.
6k starting stack was the order of the day.

Just 3 of the party played this event and congrats goes to Rusty who made the money finishing in 14th place for $525.

I just had one of those days where nothing went right at all.
First hand Qh9h, Flop Qc9c7h. I reraise, Turn Tc, I try and take pot there - called, river Jc. I have to fold.

Second hand, KK on the button, everyone folds to me, the two on my left have not sat down yet!

The game was a funny one, average players in each pot was 6. One hand was raised 8 x the blinds and got 7 callers!

I also saw someone check down the flop when he had the stone cold nuts, incredible stuff.

I fought my way between 4-7k for most of my time in the tournament.
The hand that took most of my chips, saw me call a raise and 2 other calls wih QT in the big blind.
Flop is QT3, initial raiser pushes all in, I call he has KQ and the next card out is a K.

A days rest today as we prepare for a big July 4th party, but two more tournaments to go, to try and achieve something on this trip!


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