Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 4.5k Title

As promised a while back here is the run in for the $4.5k title I won on the 6th October.

We join the action with 5 players left and I am the short stack, blinds are 1200/2400 with Antes of 300

Adri03043 46k
ClintonO 13k
Ultgamb 20k
fckrogh 35k
Lucky222 38k

Hand 1 BB (4h,6h) Lucky raises to 9600, this is not the hand to move in with.
Hand 2 SB (6c,9c) Adri is all in for 44k, I cant defend with this.
Hand 3 (4h,9d) I need a hand soon, this is not it.
Hand 4 (9c,3h) Ult is all in, I am out of there.
Hand 5 (6h,5s) No option but to fold again.
Hand 6 BB (Tc,9h) I have gor myself too short I will have to make a stand. Only action is from Adr who moves all in with 44. I call. Board KJJ9A and I move back to 16k. Now I have to play.
Hand 7 SB (9s,4h) No option now, I need to keep ahead, I move all in and take the blinds.
Hand 8 20k now (Ts,4c) No need to play this.
Hand 9 (8h, Qs) Again no need to play.
Hand 10 (As,7s) First average hand in a while, I move and take the blinds.
Hand 11 BB (4h,6h) I get to see a flop, but hit nothing and fold.
Hand 12 SB (Td,9h) Everyone folds to me, I need to keep up my chips, so I move and take the blinds
Hand 13 25k (4h,8h) Its a no action game at the moment, all raises are folded to.
Hand 14 (Ac,Tc) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 15 29k (Ts,6c) No action all folded to Adri in the big blind.
Hand 16 BB (Ks,6h) Ult is all in, I fold my big blind
Hand 17 SB (4s,8c) Our first piece of action in a while, Ult has KK, Lucky QQ. The Kings hold up.
Hand 18 (9s,5s) fck all in.
Hand 19 (Ah, Th) I raise and take the blinds.
Hand 20 (4c,8s again) Lucky is all in with K3 and beats Adri Q7. 20 hands in and still 5 of us.
Hand 21 BB (7h,8d) Have to fold to a raise here.
Hand 22 SB (Qd,As) I raise and take the blinds.

Blinds up to 1500/3000 Antes 400

Adri03043 30k from 46k
ClintonO 30k from 13k
Ultgamb 33k from 20k
fckrogh 33k from 35k
Lucky222 25k from 38k

A great level for me, one coin flip kept me alive when I allowed myself to get too short.

Hand 23 (3d,Qd) Fold to an earlier raise
Hand 24 (3d,6c) Lucky and Ult get involved all in preflop. Ult all in with J4 from button, Lucky calls with KJ and it holds
Hand 25 (3s,4s) Nothing toi play with here
Hand 26 BB (Jd,Jh) First real big hand and its in the big blind. Lucky raises to 12k, Im all in for 28k. He calls with 88 and my hand holds up.
Hand 27 60k and chip leader SB(4d,9d) Ult is effectively blinded out Q3, loses to Luckys QT. We are 4 handed
Hand 28 (9h,Th) I limp in on the button, there is no small blind. fck raises to 11k. I call. Flop Kd,3c,As. Fck is all in and I have wasted 11k of my stack.
Hand 29 (Ah,3d) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 30 (Jd, Ts) I decide not to get involved this time with a marginal hand.
Hand 31 BB (2h,8d) No good here
Hand 32 SB (3h, Ts) Nothing to play with.
Hand 33 (8c, 2s) I'll sit this one out.
Hand 34 (Ac,3s) Take the blinds time.
Hand 35 BB (Kc,9d) They all fold to me.
Hand 36 SB (Qs,Td) Adr is all in for 36k, I cant risk 2/3rds of my stack with this.
Hand 37 (8s,2s again) fck is all in with K2, Lucky calls with A2. Board 3T7JK. The river is not lucky for lucky. We are 3 handed and its close. 53k for me, 56k for fck and 42k for Adri
Hand 38 (2s,7d) My hands are getting worse.
Hand 39 BB (7d,9s) I have to fold to a raise.
Hand 40 SB (3d,7c) I fold to a raise
Hand 41 (Js,6h) Nothing to play with here.
Hand 42 BB (7c,2d) Adri is all in I have no choice.
Hand 43 SB (Th,8h) adr limps that worries me, I call. fck checks. Flop 2c,Tc,7c. 3 clubs, but top pair, I check and hope to reraise and take some chips. Everyone checks. Turn Ks. Not a good card. I check, everyone does. River Kd. Its less likely someone has a King now. I check and hopefully take the pot. Fck bets 6k, I have a choice of 6k the pot is already 16k. I am priced in. He has A5 and I take the pot.
Hand 44 (Ah,8h) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 45 BB (3s,2d) I get a free flop. A53. I get a free turn - 2s. Two pairs, although any 4 and Im in trouble. Adr bets 3k, I call. River is a 7 and is checked down and take a small pot.
Hand 46 69k SB (4c,8c) I call from the SB to try and see a flop, but fck moves all in
Hand 47 (Ks,4h) Not for me.
Hand 48 BB (9h,5s) They fold to me.
Hand 49 SB (4h,6s) Can't play this.
Hand 50 (4s,3h) Thats no good.
Hand 51 BB (Kd,3c) I get to see a flop. 4JJ, no much kop. Turn 3h. Adr bets 6k, its worth a call. River 6d. He checks, if I bet, he only calls if Im behind. I check and he hit the 6 on the river to take the pot.
Hand 52 SB (Ad,2h) I raise and take the blinds.
Hand 53 (Jh,8d) Best out of this one.
Hand 54 BB (Th,3h) Folded to me.
Hand 55 SB (Ts,8s) I call and get to see a 3way flop. 6s,3c,As. I have a flush draw. All checked. turn 8h, that helps a bit. All checked. River 3d. Adr bets 6k which I call and win with my 8.
Hand 56 (5c,3h) No thanks.

Blinds are going up 2000/4000 Antes 500

Adr 44k
ClintonO 73k
fck 35k

I have this within my grasp.

Hand 57 BB (9h,9c) Folded to me. Shame
Hand 58 SB (9c,6s) They are both all in pre flop fck JJ and Adri K8. Board 6KA2A and fck is out.

Heads up, I am slightly behind 78k to 74k

Hand 59 (8s,7d) I limp but get reraised and fold.
Hand 60 (8h,3s) He raises I fold.
Hand 61 (9h,4c) I decide I have to play as I am falling behind, I raise to 12k, he moves all in, I have to fold. He shows Ad,Td
Hand 62 (Tc,9s) Free flop. 9c,Kh,8c. I check, he bets 4k, I call. Turn is 7h. I have open ended straight. I check he bets 8k, I decide to call. River Qh. I miss. He bets 8k, pot odds force me to call. He has KJ and wins.
Hand 63 I am 124k to 28k behind, I have to go to work now (Ad,5h) I am all in, he folds.
Hand 64 (Qc,7s) All in, he folds.
Hand 65 (Qc,4d) Not this time, I fold
Hand 66 (Kc,3d) Hes all in, I fold.
Hand 67 (Td,4c) I have to move, he folds.
Hand 68 (4c,5s) I get a free flop, but K6QJ board is no good, plus he shows AT for a straight.
Hand 69 (Kh,6s) I am all in, he folds
Hand 70 (4d,3d) Free flop 64k. I move all in, he folds.
Hand 71 (2c,7c) Cant play this.
Hand 72 (9d,2d) He folds.
Hand 73 (Qh, 7c) I move again, this time I am called. He shows As,3s. Board 8s,Jh,4d. It looks all over, 7c, back in it, Qc definitely back in it. Its all level 75k each.
Hand 74 (Th, 5s) I fold to his raise.
Hand 75 (Td,9s) I limp he calls. Jh,Qc,3d - Open ended straight for me. He bets 4k, I have to call. Turn no good 5d, He bets 8k, I am priced in. River the magical 8s. He bets 12k, I raise to 36k, he calls with Q7. I take a huge pot. I am 126k to 26k in front.
Hand 76 (As,7c) He moves all in , I decide my hand is good enough. He has J8. Flop comes AT4, turn is a J. But river is a 7.

I am $4.5k champion for the 5th time.

I also played a few games on Saturday, where I won the $2.5k Headhunter. I will post this one shortly


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Wildcat said...

Well done on the latest win, I see you put my chips to good use when you hit your set of 10s on the flop against my queens, grrr! ;)