Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The day of the bubble

Last night was a very frustrating night for poker for myself, bubbling in both the Caribbean Poker qualifier and the $1000k qualifier. Both times the river card destroyed me and after being in the top positions nearly the whole time it was particularly frustrating.

The Gold Cup Series has not kicked on for me earlier, I played in the $200 GC4 event after qualifying a few weeks ago. I was hanging on for quite some time and whenever I got into a position to move on, something unpleasant would happen! In the end I finished 42nd of the 280 odd players and narrowly missed out on a cash.

I would very much like to congratulate Leseth_25 though, this is someone who I have spent a fair amount of time with, helping to improve his game. Last night he finished 3rd in the $50k tournament winning $5660 and was unfortunate not to go on and make more. A great effort.

A quick hello to Brazil, Colombia and the Philippines who have logged on recently taking the countries following the blog up to 53.

Finally watch out for some Poccer updates later today!


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