Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Time is still the enemy

All my intentions to play more have once again taken a back seat.
I am trying to get everything else I need to do out the way before the Golden Cup Series starts on Saturday. I would really like to give this a good go.

September started with £150 in my Littlewoods account and I aiming to stretch this as far as possible.

This month I have played 2 tournaments and some cash games. The cash games have gone well to date. I made £80 profit which I withdrew for a night out and another £100 which paid for two tournaments and left me with a balance of £225.

I played the GSCOP4 qualifier (which I have already won!, would have used the cash to enter another event) and was looking reasonably comfortable with six left (3 qualify). I got into a pot with AQ spades, the flop bought two spades. I reraised a small bet which was called. Turn was a blank, I bet heavy and the guy called all in with J9 spades, he had nothing of board and was drawing to a worse flush than me. River bought one of his 6 outs a Jack! Next hand I had TT and moved all in, he called with A4. 2T8,5,3. Runner runner straight - of course!

I also played the $4.5k, I was down to the last 30, when there was a family pot. QJ hearts, board T87, two hearts. A small stack moves all in, I am behind, but I feel my 13 outs is worth an isolation bet. He has 77 and I missed a heart or a 9. Down to my starting stack, I moved all in with KJ, up against KQ. I hit a J on the turn, but of course the Q comes on the river. Why give me hope!

A quick word of congratulations to a friend of mine Dave Duncan, who has supported me in both my poccer tournaments, Dave won the £40k on Sunday, taking home £10k+. A big win following in the footsteps of a Poccer teammate, who won $104k in a pokerstars event! Maybe poccer has taught them something! LOL!

Anyway to make up for my lack poker playing, I am going to rerun a feature I did a while back, interviewing some of the stars of the cryptologic network. Watch out for some interviews soon!


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