Monday, September 10, 2007

Golden Cup Series of Poker - days 1 & 2.

A decent start to the 2nd Golden Series of Poker on day 1.

Each day of 9, has a main event, but also two side events.
The first event of the day was the $15k Guaranteed event, which was exceptionally good value with a $5k overlay.
I made the final table in this first event, but ultimately fell short, finishing in 8th place, winning $450. My end came when short stacked I pushed with AQ. I was called by the big blind who had T2.

Flop was harmless 349, Turn 5, River A. I pair my ace but it also gave him the straight.

The other side event was the headhunter event ($6k overlay), I managed to make my money back through the bounties, but fell short of the cash finishes.

The first main event was the $35k guaranteed (again a $5k overlay), with a starting stack of 4500 chips. I managed to double up fairly early and kept well above average throughout. I got a little short when we got in the money and reraised all in with QQ, unfortunately I was called by K2 and the King paired on the flop. It was a cash finish, but disappointing to go out in 35th when it was looking good.

Yesterday was day 2 of the golden series of poker, but I missed out on the all the games, well they started too early for those of us with families!
I would like to say congratulations to one of our interviewees from last week. Mr Mihai Manole, who did a deal heads up on the final table of the 2nd main event, taking home $13.8k.

Whilst we are on congratulations, well done also to a lower stakes player, Mr Niceguy_77 (Ian Overson) who won himself a seat at the Virgin Poker Festival event at the Broadway in November.

Whilst we are mentioning the Broadway (Birmingham), I am delighted to announce that the Poccer team are returning for a 3rd event on October 13th. We have some really exciting news to be announced this week on Poccer, but this will ensure Poccer becomes an even better lads day out.

I will be online tonight for event 3 of the series, let’s hope I can add to my cashing in each event so far ratio!

Also tonight, I will be publishing interviews from The_Deacon and Macaroon, as well as hopefully getting an update on –oo—from the World Series of Poker Europe.

If anyone else who plays on Cryptologic would like to be featured in an interview, please drop me a note with your email address and I will get you included, I know in particular that Chainsaw wants a mention, so here’s your opportunity!


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