Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome Back Mr Dumbsmuck

Its a warm welcome to a very good friend and the first person I knew that played this beautiful game!

Thanks for your time Paul,

1) What have you been up to in the last year?
I am playing far more on Pokerstars these days under the username arniejokin. I am currently ranked in the top 1500 in the world and the top 100 in the UK.
2) Are you still doing the same thing - Quantity Surveyor?
3) Have you had any big successes in the last year?
A few decent wins of around $5k
4) Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
I have improved my game for the large fields on PS
5) How has the world of poker changed over the last 12 months?
The Americans have been condensed into a few sites meaning more action there
6) Has your approach to poker changed during this time?
I have tried to improve my mid game as this is where I get knocked out of the highest % of tournaments.
7) Your ambition last year was to become a better player and feature in main live events .Did you achieve this? Do you have a new ambition?
I haven't played that many live events, only 4 or so. I actually won 2 of them though. I am happy with my play at the moment and feel I have definately improved
8) Are you still playing as Dumbsmuck/Sharkbait on Littlewoods/Betfair and VC
dumbsmuck plays a bit, and I need to focus my attention towards the CPC. I mainly play on PS though
9) Are you still playing as much poker?
I probably average only 4 MTT a week, things are pretty busy right now.
10) You asked for changes on turn time on crypto, you got your wish?- Whats the biggest improvement required now?
I haven't played enough on there recently to comment
11) Anything else you want to tell us?
Your blog is great, don't neglect it or your game....

Um, yes sorry about that! Hopefully this helps on the road back!


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