Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome back the legend ThierryH

Now we have ProView on Littlewoods, Mihai (ThierryH) can play 18 games at the same time!
Thankfully he gave me ten mins to update what he is up to!

1) What have you been up to in the last year?
Playing cash mainly, now back to mtts
2) Are you still doing the same thing - student?
Yeah, have 1 more exam to pass, in 1 week
3) Have you had any big successes in the last year?
Not really, but cant complain
4) Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
Oh yeah, always have respect for poker or it will punish you!
5) How has the world of poker changed over the last 12 months?
Hm...good hasnt...same as last year...
6) Has your approach to poker changed during this time?
Yes, big time, wont make same mistakes again (hope so).
7) Your ambition last year was to win as much money as you can and qualify for all major live tournaments.Did you achieve this? Do you have a new ambition?
Well...think is the same ambition, didnt have the run i wished then!
8) Are you still playing as ThierryH on Sun
No, Garfy, still on Sun
9) Are you still playing as much poker?
Yes, and I will play more in the years to come
10) You asked for a crypto player search, this never happened - Is this still the number one improvement required?
Not really, now I want them to do mtt rebuy tournaments :)
11) Your top players were Noseyboy, ClintonO, 007apr, ariston, kinghawko, kpnuts,xcuseme, Sun_Deshi, Leonarch has this changed?
Yes it changed, I havent seen them lately, there are a lot of new good players, but I still rate ClintonO, 007apr, SUN_DESHI as best on crypto along new others like Costy, CUTEMOFO, Onny, Retard, G@briel, Eyesight (both) and Lee! (Sry if I missed anyone...)
12) Anything else you want to tell us?

Thank you so much!


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