Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome Back Noseyboy

One of the most successful players I know, Mr Matthew Osborne, how are you sir?

Well its been non stop poker for the last year with a small dip into the romance world that ended in tears, so ill stick to my love for Texas holdem for now. Been a mixed year of ups and downs, The up was beating Joeylove in a race to profit $100k from poker (took just over 4 months) the down was an expensive trip to vegas where i lost around $70k including the week online before and after i got back, probably my toughest period in poker since i began.....trips to Monte carlo and last years CPC were profitable tho with a cash at the cpc main event and a good spell online in Monte carlo with my famous 96 os all in pre flop V aces hand for a $14k pot...
Since returning from vegas ive made good profit playing 10/20 NL on Sunpoker, apart from the odd hickup/tilt session losing sometimes $10k a night... not good but i survived and back on track now..
Im still working in london but playing poker in the office (or id have left by now) and poker is still a far better income than work but i cant seem to find the guts to give it up...probably a backlash of a heavy losing vegas trip....

Ive learnt a few lessons this year but cant seem to abide by my own rules.. the main one is not playing stakes that my bank roll cant cope with.. ie £40/80 NL cash...nice when u win... not nice when you lose and tilt and several times ive had losing sessions of $15k+ beause of it... now that was ok before vegas when i had around £150k role.. but now losses like that do more than just hurt a little.. they actually endanger my poker playing future so i try not to play any higher than $25/50 now... The other lesson ive learnt this year and its not the first time it is if your going on a night out with dubai.. make sure you got deep pockets and be prepaired to empty them in a flurry of VIP treatment....but those who have met dubai know that hes a class bloke and never a dull moment..

As for changes in the poker world the only ones ive noticed is Betfair has worse software and Ecash still havent changed on crypto sites... a downfall to both IMO... nuff said

My ambition was to play full time and still is.. and i still think a vegas life is possible if you can succesfully play cash and use a bit of self control on nights out...but well see what happens this year as i feel its a make or break time because of the dramatic rise in stakes ive been playing compared to a year where i was considered a tourney player by most....and probably still am winning the £15k/$20K mtt on crypto 12 times now since it began....

Yes still playing Poker as 'Noseyboy' on 'Sunpoker' through a quality Rakeback site called '' ..50% RB...plug plug plug... lol .. you werent gettin an interview without a mention!!!

21,000 mpps last month.. is that enough?? ;)
To be fair many of the improvements i asked for they actualy did do....some of these were software improvements following updates and recent ones were the bigger insomniacs game and the big Eds head hunter game... sadly nothin has been done about Ecash and its poor service.... but watch this space on that as ive not finished yet!

Sadly i dont play these guys anymore as some have moved to other sites.. except a renamed ThierryH but i dont blame them... maybe if someone from crypto reads this they will wake up and smell the coffee... as people like those i mentioned were the heros of Crypto.. now its a little thin IMO... I could really only speak for the top players on Cash now as im lost in the MTT world.... but if i had to name some from each....Mtt would be CUTEMOFO and EYESIGHT, 2 solid players.. and on cash.. well i dont like to say it but Joeylove (who recently won the stars million) and some other who you wouldnt know would be Rotinaj,kirderf,Anonpg1, among many good cash players at the higher stakes on probably name about 10 if i had time.

Nothing else to add except see you at the CPC.. and were off to vegas again after for the 5 Diamond classic tournament at Belaggio...and lastly a thanks to all the those who have stuck it out on Sunpoker through for those that make it to the CPC i have a little treat in mind....see you all there... gl


Thank you buddy and yes of course I expected a plug!

Thats it for now, hopefully have a few more for you soon.


AlexB said...

Nice work Clinton - great to hear from all the guys who I used to play against on a reasonably regular basis a year ago and good to hear how they have fared in a 12month period too.

Just to echo one of the comments - great blog mate and don't neglect it!!

Take care mate.


Eyesight Jimmy said...

impressive read Matthew! and btw Clinty you still haven't linked me yet!! :<