Saturday, September 29, 2007

Absence makes your poker grow stronger?

A two week break and right back in the money.

I thought I would try the $20k and see what I could do.
It started slowly, but during levels 4 though 7 I moved into 2nd position in the tournament. Where I stayed until the last 20.

I lost a few chips when I went to the final table and was sitting in 7th.
I fought hard and although I never got a high proportion of the chips, I kept myself ahead of the blinds, by playing positional poker.

By time it got to the last four, I was really struggling but the two in second and third were also getting low.

I continued to battle and got myself into a heads up situation.
I had won my previous 5 heads up in this tournie, but I was 60k to 340k behind.
My opponent was all in, nearly every hand, making it difficult to play any poker. I doubled up once to get to 100k and then got my chips in with AK but lost to 94.

My first heads up defeat in this tournament was dissapointing, but first game back and $4000 better off, I think I'll take that!

I really enjoyed the game and the challenge and saw the game very clearly. A good performance.

I played it again tonight, I was going very well when holding AQ spades on a two spade board, I reraised all in. I was called by 86 spades and he hit his six on the river. Never mind it happens. I lost to a guy called Leevan, who hit everything and is 10k clear at this point with 93 left. I guarantee he won't make the money!



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dumbsmuck said...

congrats mate, nice to see you playing again!!

Punterz said...

Keep on winning. A friend of mine is going to Greenland soon and I have told him if he gets access to a computer to post on your blog so that your viewers map almost reaches the north pole!

AlexB said...

Well done mate - nice result!

Eyesight Jimmy said...

'' I guarantee he wont make the money'' Clinton thats the nastiest thing ive ever heard you say!! Will see you soon for Heads up challenge part 2 (even though i beat you once and you wont let it count).......Is this a new ClintonO? nasty and stingy?? :O I will win those 3 beers yet! GL m8 see u soon