Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lets Play some Poker

Time is still the enemy, finding time to play in just proving impossible!

We enter September and I look back on August and see how few games I have played compared to previous months.
As yet there is no Caribbean seat secured and that will remain my main aim. September looks to be a really busy month again for me, with October looking a little easier to play some proper poker.

The EPT season 4 has started this week in Barcelona and I must confess to not even thinking about qualifying for it, which was one of my aims earlier in the year.

I would like to say a warm welcome to all those readers from the Wisbech Standard who follow Mac's column. He has given me a little nudge to get my blog in gear!!

There are so many fanastic events to play in around the online poker world and aim to share these with you during September.

I will keep you updated on the games I play starting tomorrow!
I will also be comfirming the schedule for Poccer at the end of next week.


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