Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome Back Sun_Deshi

A true legend of the game. Lets hear from Sun_Deshi.

1) What have you been up to in the last year?
On the Poker front, last year I got my first taste of live poker, first at the EPT Grand final in Monte Carlo, where to be honest with you I played like a Wet Blanket, never made any moves never once reraised or bluffed anybody and totally relied on cards.. In short I was pathetic, but loved the atmosphere and being part of such a huge tournament (biggest in Europe I believe).

Then next live game was the Dream Team Final hosted by Betfair, where I went their determined to make up for the lack of effort in Monte Carlo.. and I have to say I played very well and got HU in a 120 runner field that consisted of some very experienced pro's like Paul (actionjack) Jackson, where I did a deal with the other guy and we called it a day.

Those two events have definitely given me the live bug and I have my sights set on gukpt London, if cant qualify on bluesq, I’ll use my Rake back for this month to cough up the £1k entry fee.

2) Are you still doing the same thing - IT Engineer?
Unfortunately not, I left my job 4 months ago, and have been playing poker full time. 1st week as a full time poker player was great, but then hit a horrid run which wasn’t helped by the fact there was no structure to my game, I was play the game much like I did when I was at work.. More a hobbies then a job.

Fortunately having the right friends who have been doing this full time for a while and talking to them has helped a great deal, in particular Martyn Bebb, about 6 weeks ago both of us were pretty down and very disillusioned with the game.

So as a last ditch effort before quitting poker altogether we decided to "Force the Issue" basically playing poker at stakes way beyond our bankrolls will allow.. Thankfully for both of us it worked great (I think he did £7.8k in 3 weeks, and I did just over £5k in the same period).

Anyway there is a structure to the way I'm playing now, and also managing my bankroll paying myself on a weekly basis and treating the game as a proper job.

Having done this for a while now, I do still think I will get another job (sigh) :(.. This game can be very stressful at times. Although I’m not sure when and what I’ll do.

3) Have you had any big successes in the last year?
The betfair Dream Team Final has to be the biggest success simply because it was only my second live event, and to beat such a strong field of competitors was a great feeling.

Online I’ve won the daily 8pm game a number of times, and a number of other mtts like the Highrollers, but still no FT in the 40k, maybe one day.

I can’t believe I made 10th in that game the first two times I played it, when I knew nothing about the game and qualified via a £30sng. I’m supposedly much more experienced now, yet this bleeping tournament eludes me. Oh well as I say maybe one day..

Also while on the subject of the 40k a very well done to Whitedog for winning the 40k last Sunday.. Fantastic achievement.

4) Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
Yes, biggest lesson is that online poker is rigged and poker is a mugs game :).. No I’m joking although some of the beats are very hard to stomach.. And we must all feel like that some times.

I think one of the biggest lessons has to be - Don’t criticise bad play, and don’t start to educate the fish at the table. As my good friend Mihai say's "let them play, we will benefit from it".

I have to be honest, I am guilty of trash talking and being out of line with other players, but it’s something I’m working and trying to remove from my game.

5) How has the world of poker changed over the last 12 months?
I think the evolution of poker has to be the fastest growing sport around today. With the TV exposure and the millions of £ on offer, it’s no longer a game for the degenerate underclass’s.

It’s great to see people from all walks of life taken an interest in the game, long may it continue

On the online sng's (which was my primary game) no longer are there any games with super value, simply because a lot of the players now have a much better understanding of the game, and what tends to happen is u get to blinds 200/400 and there are still 4 players left, which then turns into a bingo fest.

I think the days when the likes of HEFFERNAN, MrTurn3, Buzzer, and Kipsterdk were dominating the SNG’s are over and probably won’t be repeated. While these guys continue to make good money from the SNG’s others have caught up and it’s much tougher to win the number tournaments those guys used to win.

6) Has your approach to poker changed during this time?
I am still the same player in terms of playing the game.. What has changed for me specially since becoming full time is record keeping and the importance of analysing my play in games, and also being mentally prepared for a game.

7) Your ambition last year was to be WSOP champion- Did you achieve this? Do you have a new ambition?

hahaha! I chickened out of that in the end, I was running real bad at the time, and I just didn’t have the confidence to go to Vegas and spend a shed load of money when I had no job to fall back on.

But it’s still an ambition to play the main event in Vegas.

8) Are you still playing as SunDeshi, on SunPoker and Betfair?
Errr.. Well I’ve never really exclusively played sun_deshi, it’s just the account that everyone knows. I've got about 15 different accounts on crypto and 2 on Betfair and I use all of them... but SUN_DESHI is the most known and the one that i use the most.

9) Are you still playing as much poker?
Yes, probably more now, especially in the last 4 months... Although for the last couple of weeks I’ve played around 50 sng's and two mtts a day. I've had a couple of good payouts from mtts which always helps ease the pressure of the daily grind.

10) You asked for improvements to the RNG, did this happen, what do you want from them next?
Unfortunately not, and when I said it, it was hope more then expectation. How much better would online poker be if there was a governing body that could inspect/police the randomness of the RNG. Its all well and good saying they are random, but if a neutral professional body could give that opinion then if nothing else it would shut up suspecting idiots like me.

11) Your top players were ThierryH, ClintonO, 007apr, Noseyboy, Leonarch, --00--,laz and MrTurn3- has this changed?

Off course ThierryH, ClintonO, 007apr, Noseyboy remain very dangerous players, Leon hardly plays crypto now, and I haven’t seen --00-- for over a year. lanz and MrTurn3 aren’t really mtt players, I think at the time I was a fan of them because of the dominance in the sng's. If I was to give u a new list it would me

ClintonO, Mihai, Andy, Lukylud (what a week he had in the daily 8pm game), Noseyboy, The_seed, Logitech, Whitedog, Scruff, Cutemofo

But, tbh these are just 10 names that spring to mind, there are so many more good players on crypto, which is a real shame, I’d much rather they were all replaced by grade A fish.

12) Anything else you want to tell us?

PLEASE PLEASE do something about attracting more fish to crypto.. And if anyone knows how to get ecash to go bankrupt so crypto can find themselves a better cashier please come forward

What a great interview, thank you so much kind sir.


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