Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back online

Apologies for the lack of posts since my return from St.Kitts.

I had a great time, but still came away dissapointed that I have not cashed in a major live event.

Since my return, I have played a little online, making a final table in the $4k and £8k as well as winning one of the BadBeat Poker in Goa tournaments.

I am doing a lot of thinking this month about how I make the most out of this game that I so enjoy. I have a few plans up my sleeve as I consider my future and how much time I should devote to this game.

In the meantime my Littlewoods Poker Table has changed. Image attached.
We have also seen some good news on the Cryptologic software, with William Hill signing a new contract and Dusk till Dawn Poker joining.
I will be back soon!


Anonymous said...

And about time too!!! Was almost giving up on you (-:

Anonymous said...

this must be one of the best poker blogs about......take a look at if u havent already cos its also another great can get a link to yours from there as well...

gl m8

Anonymous said...

Glad you got back OK, Clinton. I missed your regular blog. But I know you must be busy.

Just a comment on the new-look site: I see the cheapest cash games are now $2/$4. Too much for me, even though I win more at cash games than in tourneys.

Disappointing that the hand one has just folded is not displayed. Perhaps I should suggest it to Littlewoods?

ClintonO said...

Thanks for your comments guys!

Its always nice to know the blog is appreciated.

As for the cash games, they still do the most basic levels, as low as $0.15/$0.25, so they have something for everybody.

I would just try adjusting your options as I am sure you can see everything that you are asking for.


Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks Clinton. I´ve just seen that by default my site on my computer in Tenerife was set to Fixed-limit Medium cash games.

So confusing for a little brain like mine when they do these things. It takes me months to get used to the shelves when supermarkets change them around!

Kind regards. Mac