Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stop Press - Sorry I meant 4

A few of you may remember me talking about the Dream Team competition on

Well basically we have been playing for the last 20 weeks in online competitions, this was then followed by a live final this weekend. The chips you started with were based on your performance in the online games

Our team went to London on Saturday and duly won first prize!
The prizes 6 seats to the Betfair Asian Poker Classic in Singapore in November.

This poker lark has seriously taken off over the last week!

However in order to keep my job! I have decided to give this one a miss (It is also the week before the Caribbean Poker Classic) and let other members of the team go. I have to make do with another $3k prize money.

4 seats in a week. Simply unheard of!
CPC final 3 write up tomorrow I promise!


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