Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hand Analysis

The first of my features is going to be hand analysis, whereby I will look at my strongest hands and weakest hands.

First a quick mention of the defence of my $6k title. I made it to the final table again tonight, but two successive defeats with JJ took me out in 10th place. First against AK and then AA, despite hitting a 3rd Jack! A fair effort though I suggest!

This hand analysis is based on the last month or so and is based on win ratio.

1) QQ 93% - Would you belive it
2) AA 81%
3) AKs 76%
4) KK 71%
5) JJ 71% - probably lower after tonight!
6) TT 71%
7) AKo 71%
8) AQs 70%
9) AJs 70%
10) 99 68%
11) T7s 67%

No real surprises then, but incredibly my feared hand QQ is up at 93%. This though is fair too high for this hand, so I suggest I may well be playing it too aggressively. I have in fact won 39 times out of 42 with this hand. Losing once in the BB and twice from mid position.

I will go into more detail into each hand and try to find out where I am going right or wrong.
Of the big pairs I have had AA the least!
QQ 42
TT 42
KK 35
JJ 35
99 34
88 34
AA 13

Okay of those hands at the bottom!

1) T8s - 0%
2) 53s - 0%
3) J3s - 0%
4) T4s - 0%
5) 62s - 0%
6) 62o - 0%
7) 72o - 4%
8) t2o- 4%
9) 65o - 5%
10) q2o - 6%

The only real suprise is t8s - I have played this hand 9 times and never won with it! Sounds like a plan!

What about my win ratio from postions, when I choose to play

Middle 52% success rate
Early 50%
Late 46%
Short Handed situations 38%
BB 16%
SB 12%

As I said I will go into more detail with the hands, but there are some other interesting stats, when I play JTs I only get a 29% win rate and QJs just 21%.

The hand I play the most is Ace King off suit, 14 more times than any other cards.

I really hope this analysis can help discover some interesting stats!

But you have to wait for that for now!


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