Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CPC - The Final 3

I apologise for the delay in finishing this off - its been one hell of a week.

Right 3 players left - Blinds are 800/1600 - antes 200. Tjifen 73k, medicin 61k & I have 5k.

Hand 149 - (Qh6s) In the small blind - medicin folds and I have to push all in, thankfully Tjifen folds
Hand 150 - (AA) At the time I think - why couldn't I get this while I had a chance! I get Tjifen to go all in with KT and the rockets hold - I am now up to 16k.

Now that I have a few chips, its time to go up a few gears and play some power poker.
In the next 25 hands, I raise, reraise, call & then bet out, whatever I can do to accumulate chips.

By Hand 175, I have moved to 41k without a single showdown. Tjifen has 75k and medicin 24k.
Here we become heads up, Tjifen moves all in with 88, medicin calls with QJ and the snowmen hold.
Its heads up - ClintonO 40k vs Tjifen 100k
Heres the hand by hand state of play. (Blinds are up to 1200/2400 for the duration)

176 - Tj folds - 41-99
177 - (5s3d) I fold 40-100
178 - Tj rasies, (Qs2d), I fold 37-103
179 - (Key Hand). I have (AdJd) a relative monster heads up and decide to call and hope for a raise. The raise comes to 9600 - 4 x BB. This was a bigger preflop raise than normal, which suggests to me he is not holding a premium pair, as I only called. He has a hand but wants me to go away now. I am not going to get much better than this, I am a long way behind, so I am all in.
He thinks and then calls with A9. A Jack on the flop decides the issues quickly. I am now in front! 74-66

180 - Tj raises, (9c4c,) I call. Flop Kc7s3s. He bets I fold. 69-71
181 - (A7), I raise, Tj Folds. 71-69
182 - Tj Folds. 73-67
183 - (8s5h) - I fold. 71-69
184 - Tj raises, I call (Kd Jh) Flop 8c6d4s. He bets I fold. 66-74
185 - (33) I raise, Tj folds. 69-71
186 - Tj raises, (6s,9d) I fold. 66-74
187 - (Qc7c) - I call Tj checks. Flop Kc9c6s. I have the flush draw
Tj bets the flop, I call. Turn (5h) Tj bets, again I call. River 5s. I miss my flush and am left with Queen high. I am certain he has hit par of the flop, as he usually bets when he does and the fact that he has bet twice convinces me of that. He does not have a King, as he would have raised, but he probably has a 9 or a 6. A bet on the river and I am done. He bets, I fold. 59 - 81.

188 - Tj folds. 60-80
189 - (QT) I call. He checks. Flop 7T7. I bet he folds. 63-77
190 - (Key Hand 2) - I am dealt (Qd7d) the same hand that cost me two hands ago.
He puts in the minimum raise and I call. Flop 9d8s7s.
I check the flop, he does likewise. He either missed the flop or has JT. Turn (Qc) I hit 2 pair.
I check and he bets - he may have hit a queen, or if he has JT he has decided not to give me another card. I have to reraise to find out where I am. I do and he calls. This call tells me he does not have the straight, he does not have his hand yet. If he has a made straight then he does not want to risk me getting lucky and should put me all in. His call tells me I am in front.
River (4c) that helps no-one. I decide to bet big, I did this early in the game and he went into tilt mode as he thought I had bluffed him. I bet the pot and he folds. He commented in the chat box (nb) (nice bet), which I believe told me he had something maybe the queen or even AK, but he is doubtful as to me having a winning hand. I have put him in tilt mode! 78-62

The final hand
191 - (QQ) I and dealt my new favourite hand, my old nemesis - the ladies! If I have put him in tilt mode, then with any half decent hand, he will raise and I can move over the top. I call and he checks. He does not have a good hand.
Flop Kc4d2h. He bets 2.4k. He certainly does not have the King, he does not have the pair and there is no obvious flush draw. He has hit a bit of the flop, or might just be trying to take it off me. I call

Turn Kd. He bets 4.8k. I know he does not have a King, he may have a flush draw, but I would have expected a bigger bet, but he might have. I believe at this point he has a 4 or a 2, but more likley he has a four. He has bet twice now, he does not put me on a King or a pair. I call hoping to take more money on the river.

River 2c. All draws have gone. He bets 7.2k. What does this mean. Any King or 2 and I am beat. I have already ruled out a King. If he has a 2, would he have bet and not tried a check raise. I am probably likely to bet if he checks as that to me would suggest he has given up on the pot, plus I have already called two bets. He may have missed everything and is just seeing if I have missed also.

I believe that at this point, his chances of having a 4 is 70%, nothing - 20%, that winning two - 10%. I am 90% certain I am in front, I decide I am going to overbet again and then if he has the 4, there is a chance he may call as he thinks I am bluffing again.

I move all in. Here you may ask, why I risked all bar 16k of my chips, when surely he wont call with anything other than a 2. That is a valid point. I have though twice put in overbets that he has folded to. In both previous situations the next hand following a big overbet, he has been all in, once betting all in, the other calling an all in. Both times he was behind when the money went in and ending up winning.
He may also call me if he thinks I am bluffing, but as I dont put him on much, this is unlikely. What I really want here is for him to think I am bluffing, but he cant call me as he has nothing and go further into tilt mode.

He does call and I suddenly think my 10% chance I estimated, whereas badly wrong. He turns over 45. He did have the 4 and put me on a pure bluff.

I am off to St.Kitts for the 2nd consecutive year. The ladies are have come good again!
Two seats in a night - What a night.

I got this text message from the main man at Littlewoods after my EPT win - The legendary Bruce Martin.

'Well done for EPT final. Get yourself a cpc seat and that would be a fantastic night'.

I followed his orders and what a fantastic night!


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