Thursday, October 12, 2006

QQ - The new lucky ladies! (part1)

So the last month has been a great one for the ladies!!!

My win percentage has dropped to 91%, 38 wins from 42, but have I maximised the amount of winnings.
According to the chips QQ has resulted in a 98944 profit (chips that is not pounds!)

So have I played them right.
Lets look at them!

This evening I am going to look at Early Position
Results Played 8 won 8.

Seat 1 - Limped x2
Seat 2 - Raised first in x3, raised initial limper, Reraised
Seat 3 - Reraised

I have raised 6 times and limped twice, so I have mixed up the bets.

Seat 1 Eg1 Level 2 of tournament Blinds 15/30

I have limped in both times from seat 1. Once it resulted in six callers and the second four callers. Potentially disastrous situations.

1) ClintonO call 30
2) folds
3) folds
4) johnts call 30
5) folds
6) Fonz23 call 30
7) hoeffi call 30
SB) Redeyeneo call 30
BB) leone1 check

Flop Th5c5h

SB) Check
BB) Check
1) ClintonO bet 90
4) johnts call 90
6) Fonz 23 Raise 270
7,SB,BB) folds
1) ClintonO Raise 1200
4) Folds
6) Fonz23 Calls 1020

ClintonO QsQh
Fonz Ts8d

Board Th5c5h3c3s

On a T55 flop, I opened the betting with a half pot size bet to see where I am, seat 4 calls, cutoff raises x3. I am not worried about TT, as I would have expected a preflop raise, but I have definitely let in the posibility of someone having a 5 or a heart flush draw. The fact that the raise comes from the guy in the cutoff seat I believe he is less likely to have a 5. Once the blinds fold, I believe my QQ is good and am either up against a draw or top pair.

Seeing Fonz23 turn over Ts8d, I am very pleased and surprised he called his remaining 750 chips with top pair and weak kicker.
Johnnts who called my initial bet, may have had a flush draw but with two reraises, he was not going to stay in the pot.

All in all Limping from seat 1 is risky, but here the return was maximised.

Seat1 Eg2 -Level 3: Blinds 25/50

1) ClintonO calls 50
2-5) folds
6) Westee calls 50
7) Folds
8) NOLIMIT calls 50
SB) Folds
BB) Deeirun Check

Flop Tc2h3c pot 225

BB) Check
1) ClintonO bets 150
6) Westee calls 150
8,BB) Folds

Turn 3d

1) ClintonO bets 300
6) Westee raise to 600
1) ClintonO all in 1330
Westee Folds


Four players in this one and a fairly harmless flop of T23 although it does bring a flush draw.
I bet 2/3rds the pot and get one caller, at this point he is either on a flush draw, top pair, or worst case scenario a set.
The turn brings a second 3, if he has quads - good luck to him, the only really scare is a full house with deuces in this pocket. I believe I am in front and bet again. He then puts in a min raise, this for me is an I don't believe you bet. I have 1030 left its time to push all in.
He has a call for 730 more in a pot already containing 1725 and clearly has nothing when he folds.

Could I have got more money, well I did not want to give him an opportunity to hit a flush on the river, so for me it was a good time to move.

Seat 2

Eg 1 - blinds 15/30 - Raise to 90, reraised all in by short stack 570 - call. QQ beats 88
Eg 2 - blinds 50/100 - Seat 1 raises to 400, I move all in for 2985, he calls with AKo. QQ hold up.
Eg 3- blinds 600/1200 with antes - Raise to 3600, meno moves all in for 6402. I call. QQ beats TT
Eg 4- blinds 100/200 - Seat 1 calls. I raise to 800. He calls. Flop 756 rainbow. He checks, I bet half pot and he folds
Eg 5 - blinds 150/300 with antes. I raise to 900, all fold.

So from the 5 examples, I have had only one instance where my raise was not called, giving a strong arguement for always raising QQ. One coin flip situation and two underpairs in all in situations, in the remaining example, I was probably up against A high.

Seat 3.
Eg 1 - blinds 10/20

1) Mike23079 raises to 40
3) Clinton O reraises to 160
4) PEPPS1 calls 160
6) jezmund calls 160
SB) dondawda all in 110
1) Mike calls.

Flop ThJs3h.

1) Mike23079 all in 250
3) ClintonO all in 1310
4) PEPPS1 all in 1300

dondawda 6c4c
Mike23079 qc3c
ClintonO QdQh



A crazy pot with the SB all in with nothing based on value. The UTG play was interesting, no need to play with Q3clubs, and bets out with just a match on the 3.
When I moved all in, there was a flush and straight draw so had to act now.
PEPPS1 made the correct call with two overcards, flush draw and straight draw.

All in all, I am happy with how I have played QQ from an early position. The question remaining is should I limp in from seats 1-3. I believe you have to vary your play and provided you are happy to fold them if an ace or King comes along, then it is a useful play to have in your locker.

I will continue to analysis with plays with the ladies tomorrow!

I am interested to see where I have lost and here is a quick summary

1) BB - All in preflop versus AKs
2) Late - Raised UTG limper. He calls and moves in on 933 flop. I call he turns over K6 and spikes a King on the river. Ouch!
3) Middle - Raise and button and SB calls. I bet on 578 flop and get raised - I call. Turn is K. I check and he bets 2/3rds pot. I fold
4) Middle - I reraise seat 3 - who calls. Flop 959. He check calls me, turn 6, he then check raises me and turns over KK.

Situation 1 - Fair enough - coin flip I lost
2 - bad move from Burns015 who had nothing when I was pretty much pot comitted - unlucky
3 & 4 - I definetly could have played better. I will look at these tommorrow.

I am finding this analysis very interesting! Hope it is remotely interesting for you also!

On the poker front -
Good - I won the EPT qualifier and am now in the final on Saturday.
Bad - Eliminated from the 15k near the money in the QQ versus K6 just above. (Please don't start being nasty to me again)

Until tomorrow!


Gesine9 said...

ClintonO - what are you using to get all these stats about your hands?

Its Gesine9 by the way - if you remember me? I've left WH and moved to Pokerstars...I'm having much more success.

ClintonO said...

Hey Gesine, glad to hear you are doing well.

I am using some software called Poker Spy, it also works on stars, I will do a feature on it over the next week.