Saturday, October 21, 2006

Best Poker day ever - The CPC

In total direct contrast to the EPT, I crawled into the final table!

With just 11 left and very short stacked I had 2.7k and AT. Blinds at 150/300 and the next nearest player on 8k. The loose margar007 raises to 1800 and I decide that now is the time to move as we are only 6 handed. He has KJ and the first card out is an Ace.

Shortly after we reach the final table.

Seat 1: Vaginal (21k)
Seat 2: danielsan (7k)
Seat 3: Margar007 (12k)
Seat 4: Tjifen (26k)
Seat 5: Blueno005 (14k)
Seat 6: medicin (12k)
Seat 7: UTOPIA (9k)
Seat 8: Cresus2 (24k)
Seat 9: DaRigger (10k)
Seat 10: ClintonO (6k)

I am firmly in 10th place! Blinds are 150/300 antes 25 and we are 3 hours 15 mins in.

Hand 5, sees me with AQ and once again Margar007 is doing the raising, this time to 1500. Once again the all-in moved is applied. Margar calls with QT. The board pairs the queens and the aces and I am up to 11k and back in the game.

The game is fairly tight as this point and we reach hand 23. Blinds 200/400 antes 50. I am on 10k and look down in the big blind with AA!
Everyone folds and I am thinking typical no action. Then DaRigger in the small blind moves all in. He turns over AJ. The board brings a Jack, but nothing more - we are down to 9 and I have 17k and am up to 5th place.

It is hand 52 before we lose any more players, blinds are now 400/800.
Margar007 goes all in preflop for 7k and has two callers.
UTOPIA moves all in for 8k on a 738 flop and is called by medicin.
Margar has AJ, UTOPIA QQ and medicin AK. Turn is a 6 river K.

By hand 53 we have
medicin 49k
Tjifen 20k
Blueno005 17k
vaginal 17k
Cresus2 16k
ClintonO 11k
danielsan 10k.

I have played stole a few pots, but also folded AJ and 88 to big reraises.

Hand 60, I have AQ and raise to 2400. Tjifen moves all in and with 8k back I cant fold now. He turns over AT and the A7786 board doubles me up to 22k.

Hand 63 Tjifen takes out Danielsan in a race AK vs 77 and hits a straight. 6 remain
Hand 69 Cresus2 takes out Blueno005 with 77 against AT after both players hit a piece of the flop 27T.
Hand 88 blinds at 600/1200. medicin takes out vaginal with AJ vs QQ. We now have 4.

I am still playing catch up. Cresus2 (49k), medicin (43k), ClintonO(25k) and Tjifen (24k), but i now have a real shout.

Its all change by Hand 103. I have K8 in SB and call the bet. Tjifen checks. Flop 8AK. I check my two pair, Tjifen who is now chip leader bets 3600. I reraise to 8400 and he quickly moves all in for 51k. I have 13k left and I am certain I am in front so I call. He had K5 and I take the pot.

Incredibly I am now in 1st place with 46k! Others 45k, 30k, 19k.

Hand 119 Tjifen takes out Cresus 2 the money goes in on the turn. Board Q43T. He holds Q5 against A4.

By time we get to hand 146,Tjifen has been bullying away and is on a massive 79k, I have 35k and medicin 26k.
I see AK. medicin min raises to 3200 and I reraise to 8000. He then moves all in. I cant fold here, I am in front or its a race. I have to go for it. He turns over AA, my heart sinks.
The board brings a T and Jack, so a queen will save me, but no.
A couple of hands later I have just 5k. I move all in on button and Tjifen with 73k folds. I move to 7k, Tjifen 72k, medicin 61k. Can you believe that in 50 hands time I will have won my seat!

The story continues tomorrow!

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