Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sundays are totally sick part XVI

5 big tournaments today and five disasters.

The £50k was going well. I had £7k in chips, I hold AQ hearts in the big blind. Blinds just 150/300, with 25 ante.
Brille raised from the cutoff to 900. I put him on a steal and put all my chips in and represent that I don't have as strong a hand. He thinks and calls incredibly with A5, for all his chips bar 300. This would put me on over 14k and right amongst the chip leaders. The river of course is a 5.

Please keep playing like that! I will get you!

The CPC Weekly Final, saw me make my 6th final table. But no, it was not 6th time lucky. I limped in with KK under the gun and got a call and then a raise. I went all in and Steve311 calls with TT, of course the board brings a Ten. Fair play by him, but my perfect plan loses again!

The CPC Double Shootout, I got to heads up with nuts, who admittedly played well and could well win the seat, but not without my AA losing to a flush on the river.

The EPT final, I try a move calling a raise with J3. The board is 6TJ, we have four players. Two checks then the intial raiser totally overbets the pot, I think I am in front, so I put him all in. He calls with AT, got it right, unfortunately he hits an ace on the river.

Finally the $50k added. I start really well, up to 8k in chips. I raise with AQ, following an under the gun limper, he calls.
Board is AQ3 he bets, I call. Turn 5 rainbow board, he bets, I reraise he is all in with 6.5k. I call leaving me with just 1.5k. If he has a set then fair enough, he turns over (bet you cant guess) 22. The river brings a 4 and he hits a straight.

I believe I played really well tonight, but from the five big tournaments I have absolutely nothing to show for it.

I had a 4th yesterday in the £2.5k guaranteed, when my AJ on an AJ68 board loses to an all in from the 2nd chips leader, I was in front, moves with KQ. Turn is T.

Luckily nothing has been lost, but come on, a little bit of luck would not go amiss!



Anonymous said...

Clinton, ( or can i call u the BB king)?

Yes BB King (not the singer), i would like you to address an issue for me.
What has happened to all our American players I.E. lukiladi etc?
Have they really been kicked off the site because of the laws in the US? If that is the case, i am gutted because i used to love playing against them, i am asking you because you have some clout on these sites and maybe u could shed some light?


ClintonO said...


Yes unfortunately the recent decision in the US, has led to cryptologic taking the decision to not allow US players.

Heres hoping they can sort this situation out and get them back online as soon as possible.