Monday, October 16, 2006

Whats your best day in Poker?

I think I have just had mine!
The last few weeks I have complained about Sundays, well not anymore.
Tonight, I played in the EPT Final and the CPC final. The results.

I won them both!

Yes thats right blogfans, its a win in both!
I am still shaking from it all!

The EPT was incredible, I managed to get a very big lead and then found myself one of 3 players left against UTOPIA and ThierryH, two of the most feared players on the network. I managed to blow the lead and then recover to take the title.

Whilst this was still going on, I was playing the CPC Final. This time when it was down to 3 players I was in 2nd and then ran into AA with AK, which left me crippled with 4k, I somehow turned this around to eventually overturn a 30k to 110K deficit to ultimately win with, yes you guessed it pocket queens!

I will fill you in on all the details tomorrow, but what a night

Tonights winnings

1 x EPT package includes: * The €5000 buy in to the event of your choice. * €600 to stay in one of the luxurious hotels.* €1,000 straight into your account to cover travel expenses - I am probably going to pick The Scandinavian Open which is held in Copenhagen, my other option is the French Open held in Deauville.

1 x CPC package includes:
a $11,300 Package with Littlewoods which includes:$6,300 entry into the main no-limit event $5,000 for an ALL-INCLUSIVE 9-night package at the prestigious St Kitts Marriott Resort on + airfare for two from London

Got to sleep now, cant take it all in!


Anonymous said...

Once again mate a fantastic result - well deserved - well played and well done!! Alex

Asger Dokkedal said...


TheDeacon said...

albemarle1Can I have a T-shirt saying " I WAS THERE"? done mate


TheDeacon said...

Can I have a T-shirt saying " I was there on 15th October 2006, where were you"?...LOL...Well done mate...I saw it. I was thinking it was all over in CPC when you were 3rd with 3 left and just calling and folding...but in hindsite it was precision play and your paitience paid off big time....good luck in both tournaments...your day is a coming!


dumbsmuck said...

congrats mate, much deserved and too long in coming. Now you just need to take down on of these events! Best of luck, and see you there!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Missed it as I had been fishing a match all day, and was in another on the Monday. So only just read your blog. Wish I had been able to watch.