Monday, October 30, 2006

Caribbean Crazy!

This week my aim is to do a feature on the different sites that are available for all of us to play this wonderful game of poker. However, I keep getting distracted!

These wonderful Caribbean Poker Classic double shootouts are the reason!
For the third successive week, I have won myself a seat! Saturday night I added another $11.3k to the bank.

I have to pinch myself as to what has been achieved in this month of October.
3 x Caribbean Poker Classic seats (2 cashed in for $22.6k)
1 x European Poker Tour Seat for Deauville.
1 x Asian Poker Tour Seat (not attending due to work commitments) - The best of luck to all my team mates who are going.

November is a key month, as I try to cash in a major event for the first time. I am really on top of my game, I just hope I can keep it going through November and have a big performance in St.Kitts.

Right onto the review of the sites!

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Anonymous said...

3 seats - some going mate well done! Great article in Full House mag by the way (-: Keep on racking up those wins. Alex