Monday, November 13, 2006

Around the Grounds - 1) Littlewoods Poker

Finally, as promised, we are going to go around the grounds to see just where we can play online poker these days. I have been far too busy for my own good over the last two weeks, that I have not played as much poker as I would like or even had time to update my blog. (I know, I apologise profusely! I also know that if I don’t deliver that Kai – ‘Menace’ will be kindly reminding me!)

I am going to start with my home site of Littlewoods Poker (no, not just because its easiest!), but this is where I spend 99.9% of my online Poker time.

Littlewoods are part of the cryptologic network, which houses some of the following big household names. William Hill, Inter Poker, Sun Poker, UK Betting, Classic Poker and Poker Plex.
It is currently undergoing a couple of changes, we have said goodbye to Ritz Club online, who have changed owners and moved to the playtech software and also Betfair, who have moved to their Poker Champs software.
Initially this has seen a decline in numbers on the site, as the Betfair players have been checking out the new site, however there has been a considerable recovery in the last week.
DTDPoker (Dusktilldawn) and Betsafe (Scandavian site) will be joining the ranks shortly and the future looks to be quite healthy. This however must be put into context, with the current consolidation in the poker industry; there are no guarantees (e.g. Ladbrokes &, Playtech and Tribeca).


For me the table is the best of the cryptologic tables. It looks very professional and distinctive with its dark purple colour. They have made good improvements over time and it has a nice feel to it.


Easy to use and understand, no complaints here.


When I play here, you will always find me playing as ClintonO. Although the top earner in live events in my household, can occasionally be found playing as LittleJ.


All the basic games are found here with Holdem, Omaha and stud all available. You can also find the rather unique game of Holdem Blackjack here. I vow to one day improve my skills at the other disciplines of poker, but for the moment, I have a long way to go with No Limit Holdem.


Its been all change recently on the tournaments front as the site has moved away from guaranteed tournaments, in favour of added value. The main weekly tournament remains. The £40k guaranteed on Sundays at 8pm. This tournament has varied between £35k & £50k over the last year. I have yet to finaltable in this tournament and this remains one of outstanding targets. It is a £120 entry fee, but can be entered via qualifiers.

The main daily tournament is the $4k added, which is currently generating a prize pool of around $27k. The entry fee for this tournament is $109. The site runs plenty of other tournaments, $2k, $3k and $4k added, as well as guarantees from £500 to £4k.

Every two weeks the site runs a $25k or a $50k added tournament for loyal players. This can be
generating 500 MPPs (My Player Points). For STT/MTT players this can be achieved by playing $1666 worth of tournaments over a two week time frame, as this includes any finals that you may have qualified for, achieving this is not too difficult for an average poker player. Any missing points can be made up in the cash games realtively easily.

Other tournament formats include, Winner Takes All or and Double Shootouts.


Currently Littlewoods are running qualifiers for any European Poker Tour (EPT) season 3 event excluding Monte Carlo. I have qualified for the EPT French Open in February 2007 via this tournament.
They also have been running qualifiers for the Caribbean Poker Classic in St.Kitts, which I have also won a seat for. (11 DAYS TO GO!)
The Caribbean qualifiers finished last night, however the EPT qualifiers remain. There are two weekly finals. The E440 on a Saturday and the E132 on a Sunday. There is 1 seat guaranteed in each and money over E6600 is paid out.

The CPC is in its 3rd year and I will be detailing my progress on my blog whilst I am there.
The EPT is a welcome addition to the Littlewoods schedule. Although I am hoping they start the WSOP qualifiers earlier this year.


These are available in six seater, six seater thunders and and ten seater formats. These have 12, 6 and 10 hands per level respectively.
I have had a constant battle with my STT stats and have finally put myself into positive territory (albeit small profit).
I do believe that if I treated this properly I could do very well, but I need to stop using them as fillers.
The format is that you start with 1000 chips and blinds start at 7/15.


Currently the site has been offering players the chance to qualify for the CPC via their MPP's. Also there is currently a roomwide leaderboard tournament in progress.
I have simply not had the time to play in these events with work & other commitments. However I still find myself in the top 150 players, which is needed to secure a prize (albeit $100 at the moment). Maybe I will try and have a surge this week at gaining points.
I am very happy to say that two of my interviewed players are leading the way in the leaderboard tournament with a week to go.
Mihay - ThierryH is in the lead
Pete - Oranges is in 2nd place.

Both of these guys I will be meeting up with in the Caribbean.

Littlewoods also runs freerolls for certain events from time to time.
Finally Littlewoods have a link with, who run tournaments with them on regular occasions.


Littlewoods give all players a £50 match bonus for joining, as well as £25 every month for generating a certain amount of rake.

There is also rakeback available to players who generate a certain amount of rake each month.
If you leave me a note, I can sort up to 30% Rakeback for you. Alternatively join Littlewoods via my link opposite.

There is also a Bad Beat Jackpot, which can be won during cash games.


Search Facility/Locating Players
Observer Chat
Screen Sizing


The cashier used is through Ecash, it is quick and effective. For those who use the casino, you only need the one account.


For further details logon onto to the website address in the links section.


Littlewoods are currently represented by the Legend Tony Chessa and the top footballer and reigning CPC Celebrity/Pro Champion Ton y Cascarino.


The site to play on-line poker! However I am going to try to cover a site per day, for a while! (I will try!)

The other crypto sites to follow shortly.


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