Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Around the Grounds - 2) UK Betting

UK Betting is a member of the cryptologic network along with Littlewoods. They are linked to a number of sports and betting sites, including Sportinglife.com and totalbet.com.
The table is very simliar in layout to Littlewoods, the only real difference is the colour. You do however get a massive logo in the middle of the table. It looks slightly more crowded with tables next to everyones seat, but ultimately it works fine.
I have a ClintonO account on here.
UK Betting run a $2k gtd monthly tournament for all new players that month.
They have also started running Payday tournaments which is two tournaments each weekend, that are between £5 & £10 to enter and they are between £1k & £2k guaranteed.
The one on Sunday had 71 players and paid out 50 places!
UK Betting run special hand bonuses at certain times. eg get two red aces on a Saturday and win £20.
Further information on UKBetting can be found at http://www.ukbettingpoker.co.uk/
UK Betting have their own cashier that works across their casino and sportsbook.
Simon 'Aces' Trumper used to be the sponsored player at UK Betting, but they parted company earlier this year. I am unaware at this time of anyone being sponsored.
Its a nice site and for me a decent place to play if anything ever went wrong with Littlewoods. Although I didn't win my STT I played tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog updates are getting like buses - not one for ages then 2 straight after one another!! Glad to see something new here at last and the Around The Grounds reports make for an interesting read - well done m8.