Monday, November 27, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day 3

My first MTT of the week, ended in an early exit.

The last hand of level 3, I picked up AK diamonds on the Big Blind. One limper, an oversized raise from a Danish guy, (2nd the night before in $200 NL) who had raised at least half the pots in the first hour and a half.
I moved all in and he instantly called for all his chips with 55.

Flop was QdJd6h, giving me more outs than I could count, the turn was another Jack, giving me even more outs in Queens and Sixes, but I still continue my quest for a coin flip win in a live MTT event.

I had a pleasant afternoon though, sitting at the bar with the great Crypto players including ThierryH, 007apr and Oranges.

Congratulations to Littlewoods sponsored player Tony Cascarino who came 2nd in this $300 no limit event.

Once again I have to congratulate the best poker player in the family, who from two $100 STTs manage to come 2nd in one and win the next, making a nice $700 in the process. I am hoping to borrow some of this to enter the $500 NL on Day 5!

A rest day for me today, I don't fancy the $1000 this afternoon, a little too rich for me!
I have the UK Betting beach party to go to, so that should keep me busy.

I am going to send my wife Rachael to win us some more money!
Oh yes she knocked me out again for the 2nd day running, when only 3 players left!


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