Saturday, November 25, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day2

Day 2 - The Boat Trip.

The Littlewoods trip was a journey on a gorgeous boat, a bit of snorkelling, a bbq on the beach and all in all a great time.

One game of poker with the legend Tony Chessa and skalie of bad beat fame, unfortunately my Jacks ran into kings and it was game over, but not before I took down a legendary pot with a complete bluff!

I also got my new Littlewoods merchandise, I will get a photo on the site shortly, but a Littlewoods football top, with ClintonO on the back and number 7 (my number!). Im Liking it.

I promise to play poker tomorrow and will be entering the $300 at 2pm my time.

I did have a sit and go warm up tonight, only to be knocked out by my beautiful wife, it just shows there are no friends on the poker table!



Anonymous said...

Enjoy m8 - sorry I ain't there to enjoy it with ya!! You cash this time m8!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck out there lads, i am well jealous!!
I'll be there next year tho!

Please win.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Rachael. Keep up the good work!!!

Good luck Clinton.