Thursday, November 30, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day 6

The main event!

The day started with a Television interview with the comedian Norman Pace, before settling down the big event.

Level 1
I get pocked 8s and Js in the first five hands, after playing for four hours last night with not a single pair.
My 8s are beat, but my Jacks are good.
I play a very loose open game in level 1 and end up with 17000 from my initial stack of 15000.

Level 2

Pocket Kings! Not seen these all week!
One limper, one raise to 650. I decide to call. Flop Q97 all diamonds. I bet out 900 and get immediately called. I do have the K diamonds, turn is a an Ace. Check - Check. He is scared of the ace also, is my read. River is a J. Lots of problems now. He bets 1000 and I call. He also has Kings!

I end the level 16500.

Level 3.

Totally card dead, I tried some moves with pocket threes and 78 suited and nothing happens.

Level 4.
I call a couple of raises, perhaps normally I would have reraised, I am finding myself calling more than I would normally do. Yes there are more chips in play, but I am playing too weak.

After a raise to a 1000 and a call, I move in with 5000 with QT. They both fold. Thats better.
I get Ace Jack, but after a raise I have to bail out as there is too much action. Chips now 13200

Level 5
I lose 2000 chips with AQ to AK and then get moved and another 1000 when my JT suited does not hit.
My first two hands at my new table I decide to change my stance, and raise with QJ and QT and win uncontested. I am now set for my some calls when my good cards arrive.

Level 6.
I am starting to struggle, I am at a very aggressive table and am getting nothing. I try to defend my blinds with 88 and 55 and get beat by KK and AT.

I go to the dinner break with just 8000

Level 7
The blinds are coming round thick and fast, some cards please!
I raise with 77 and A7 to keep my stack at between 7 or 8, I am just fighting for every chip.

Level 8.
The furthest I have got in a major event, and there are only 80 people remaining.
I am so card dead, I reraise all in with TJ and he does not call.
I have witnessed one guy get AA,KK and QQ - 11 times (yes eleven) in the last two levels.
On average I have seen an Ace once a level!

The end is upon me, in the last hand before the final break of the day, I raise with 99, my best hand in four hours and the chip leader the man with all the cards calls.
He had just beaten a guy who held 28 on a 7228 board, when his 66 gains another 6 on the river!

The flop for me comes 723 and I have no choice but to commit my chips, he turns over Queens - yes again! I am out of my seat, as I know Queens are the end. A further 2 and a 3 do not help me and the Caribbean Poker Classic is over for me.

I have KK once in 8 hours and JJ once, aside from AQ I have not seen a hand.
This was an interesting learning experience with a starting stack of 15000, which I have never played with before.

I am dissapointed as I believe I could have played better. I called too many hands, when raise or fold were the real options. I tried to make sure I was active to not appear too tight.

I still need a lot of work on my live game and have two months to get it sorted before the EPT event in Deauville.

I still feel I am due a whole heap of luck in a live event somewhere down the line, but right now there is more work to be done!

Thanks to everyone for all your support and I am sorry that I could not bring home the title I so wanted. Maybe 2007 will be one for me.



Anonymous said...

Unlucky Clinton - not much more to say. Oh apart from I like the article of you in this months WPT magazine (-: Onwards & Upwards my friend!

Anonymous said...

Unlucky Mr C.

Sounds like your usual story of card deadness. Enjoy the rest of your time there and take comfort in the fact that at least Rachael keeps winning cash!

Will be back on the tables friday probably as I am a bit card dead at present too and need to get my good run back on track.



Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton

Just found you blog, I enjoyed the reading from our heads-up when you won your first seat to CPC ;-). I wanted to see you win the main event, but with no cards there's nothing you to do really.
BTW, my sister and her husband actually knows the kid who won the CPC. He's only 18, and is in the same age as their own kids. It's a small world...
I'll check in regularly to read your blog.