Saturday, September 30, 2006

6th time lucky?

The CPC was another dissapointment on Thursday night.
I won my first round very comfortably and probably too quickly as I had over an hour wait for the final table.
We were down to 5 after one hand AA beating AK on a flop including an A and a K.
We lost a fourth player after an hour, it was down to 4. One player was getting very aggressive, but also hitting lots of cards. I made a stand with KQ and got very lucky as I beat AQ.
That put me in second and right amongst it.

The short stack put his chips in and I called with AT, he had KT, but rivered a King.
We soon got down to three players. The short stack then went all in four consecutive hands and I decided to not let him do it anymore, by moving all in with A2 in the small blind, unfortunately he had A9 and doubled up.

My final hand I was in joint second place holding 32. The flop was 339 and I was already working out how to make the most of this hand and get me right back in it, he however was thinking the same because he held 3T. So out in 3rd.
Five final tables now, one 2nd, two 3rds and two 5th places. I can't get much closer without winning. Surely next time.

Today I have managed to get my seat in the £50k for Sunday and am going to address my STT record. I keep playing this thunder tournaments when I get bored, but they are really not for me. I need to concentrate on my ten seater STT's. My sharkscope stats are down over £1k at the moment, which is awful considering how good my MTT record is. I am going to address this by playing some ten seater STTs over the next week.

This weekend as usual promises a lot, two ept finals, one cpc final and two 50k (1 $,1£) and it is vital to make something from these. With four of the tournaments on Sunday, I am hoping for a Super Sunday!

Right lets sort out this sharkscope situation.


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