Thursday, September 28, 2006

AA has really gone downhill

A few more games under my belt last night, including a win in the other EPT qualifier.
I have now booked myself a seat in the final on Saturday and Sunday. Add to this the $50k added on Sunday, it could be quite a busy weekend! Especially if I can add a CPC final or two, along with the £50k!

I played the £15k for the first time in a while and I could not believe it when I went out!
I very rarely go out in the first hour, but I did last night.

I get dealt AA in position 5, I sit there hoping for a raise.
Under the Gun limps in for 50 chips, 2nd position raises to 200, 3rd position raises to 400.
I really could not have hoped for that much action, with 725 already in the pot, I put my 2000 chips in the pot.
The first two fold, but Aka_abak in third position calls my all in raise (leaves himself just 750 back, would have still had 2350 if he folded) with AJ off. Wow, christmas comes early.

The board though has other ideas. QT5 4 K. I am out to a straight. I am not going to complain, because without people like this, winning at this game would be a lot tougher. I do not know, how this was called, let alone how you reraise, a limp and a raise in first two position with AJ off.

I was expecting KK or QQ, even AA. Ah well, move on. I mean AJ off. Come on forget it! Honestly!

Tonight it is the CPC $370 double shootout, where I am going to secure my Caribbean Poker Classic seat!


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