Friday, September 15, 2006

CPC - Can't Play Cards!

I managed my third final table last night in the CPC main event qualifier, only to lose most of my chips to a gutshot on the river, when holding a set of tens. A nine had to come up didn't it!

Nines were the unlikely number last night, as I ultimately went out in 5th place when my pocket nines failed to hold up against AJ.
So a 3rd and two 5th places so far, this is the time to secure my seat, as my game is strong.

I did manage my 14th final table appearance in the £15k last night, finishing 8th when yet again I lost a race, this time my pocket fours failed to beat AJ. Still £450 more winnings in the kitty!
I was fairly short stacked for most of the last 15 players, so making the final table was a good achievement. The pot I lost was for 60k in chips and would have put me in a great position to go on and win, but this one was not to me.

Its more of the same this weekend, I have the main EPT event final on Saturday and have work to do to get into the other EPT final, the £50k and the two CPC finals.

I will also be playing in the APAT online Series (Canadian Amateur Poker Open) on Pokerstars on Saturday night as a warm up for the Live event at the Broadway in Birmingham next weekend. This is useful event as you start with 10,000 chips and gives you more practice in playing with big amounts of chips with small blinds.

I have also now got available the Bad Beat Poker in Goa Leaderboard. I am currently sitting in 3rd place. This is a tournament that I play in each Wednesday.

Finishing Position Alias Points Record
1st bboru7 1650 1st, 7th, 36th
2nd bbsum1 1500 12th, 1st, 12th
3rd ClintonOOO 1475 25th, 20th, 1st
4th genabb44 1450 2nd, - , 7th
5th klita_rees 1300 6th, 15th, 5th
6th thekiss 1200 3rd, -, 6th
7th bubbled 1175 5th, 21st, 8th
8th chaste 1175 22nd, 3rd. 20th
9th DevilChimp 1175 63rd, 2nd, 17th
10th Str@wberry 1050 -, 11th, 3rd
11th chimpsrus 975 7th, 27th, 15th
12th B-meds-B 950 68th, 30th, 4th
13th gaffer11 950 29th, 6th, 25th
14th Rugrat9 950 9th, 8th, 32nd
15th dreamliver 925 27th, 9th, 9th
16th kingkebab1 900 61st, 5th, 27th
17th sandybane2 900 72nd, -, 2nd
18th jonniefive 795 57th, 4th, 30th
19th 57eve 700 24th, 19th, 22nd
20th Zooo__ 700 56th, 10th, 16th

This has got a number of weeks to go, but the leaderboard is a good way of focusing the mind, so I fully intend to keep playing this and what the hell ultimately win it!


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