Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to Winning Ways

The last two days have bought 3 nice tournament wins.
Last Night it was the EPT Qualifier, meaning I am not in the 440 Euro Final on Saturday.

Tonight I won the CPC Shootout, winning a seat in tomorrow nights $370 final.
I also won the Bad Beat tournament on TGF Poker, this was week 3. Only a $100 in prizes but some good points which should be put me in a good position overall.

Also 2 heads up wins tonight after my recent failings.

No real cash winnings to boast about but some great chances to win a seat at two live events.
I want to confirm my cpc tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

I saw you play in the EPT Qualifier - you reraised all in quite early in the tournament, when you were reasonably well stacked, with AJ and got knocked out by KK. Looked like a very bad play on your part. AJ does not beat a lot and your stack was not under any pressure from the blinds. What was the thinking behind this play?

ClintonO said...

Thanks for your comment.

Yes your right, looks like a bad play. This is one of the difficulties of multi tabling. Last night I had 3 games where I was down to the last 3 and I had another one on the go.

I can usually cope with 4, but 5 is too much. Therefore it was a play to build a stack quickly or go out, therefore I took a chance on AJ, hoping he had a pair and I had s coin flip, or he folds

Learning for tonight though, play less games!

Thanks Again!