Monday, September 18, 2006

Close but no cigar

Well, can you come any closer than that.
Tonight is was the Cpc double shootout final.

In the first round, I had a great tussle with the legendary 007apr and managed to beat him.

I then get to heads up in the final table vs Pfitz11.
It was a fairly even affair, until one crucial hand where he hit trip jacks to beat my 2 pair.
From that moment on, I was playing catch up. With a deficit of 6k-14k. I pushed a reraise all in with 77, he turned over KQ and hit the inevitable Q.

We agreed a deal on the final table that the winner pays the 2nd £500, so that at least they got something for their efforts, but I so wish it was not me with the £500.

I have now come 2nd, 3rd and 5th twice. Surely I can't come much closer without winning the seat.
Fortunately we still have two months to go to secure the seat, but whilst my game is strong, I really need to win it now.

I will be missing out on the finals next week, due to the live APAT event, so I am going to have to make every effort to qualify for Thursdays final.

As for the rest of the weekend, I played my favourite tournament of the moment the £4k on Friday. Following my previous two finishes of 1st and 2nd. This time it was a third consecutive final table, but only 6th and £200 in the bank.
It was a cruel exit. I raise pre flop with JJ, was called by chip leader. Flop was Q92. I pushed all in after he checked and he called with KT.
He only had a King or a one of the two remaining jacks for a gutshot.
The turn was the invetiable Jack, giving me trips and him the straight. I still had 12 outs on the river for a full house and the chip lead, but it never happened.

September has been a very good month so far, I just need to keep playing my game and I am certain that more wins will come.

Take Care all

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