Monday, September 04, 2006

Sundays are totally sick!

Now this is going to seem odd, because I won £1.1k tonight, but I am totally devasted.

Today, I have had the worst run of luck, I honestly feel I could have cleaned up tonight.

First the £50k.
I have QQ mid position, guy before raises to 60, I call, next guy raises to 900!
What on earth! I decide he has not a lot. I go all in for another 1200, he calls with A5. Yes A5
He hits his Ace on the river. Sick

Next the EPT.
I have AK, I raise, get one call. Flop AK8. I bet he calls. Turn Q. I check, he bets, I reraise he is all in. He turns over KQ - river is a Q.

CPC Main Final. I get to chip leader by 10k, with 10 left. QQ loses to 99, then I have two races and lose the lot and finish 8th.

CPC Shootout. There are 3 players left, one seat for the Caribbean. I have 9000, so does one other guy. Short stack has 2000.

Now the guy on 9000 has been going all in, all over the place and doubled up twice. He even managed to split the pot with Qj against QQ.

Blinds are 200/400.
I have AJ Hearts. He is on button and goes all in. What on earth can he have. So far he has pushed with any ace or king. So I think I have him.

He turns over A3. Yes A3. So no 3 and I win a seat in the Caribbean Poker Classic.
Flop 6T3. Unbelievable. Yes I could have probably outplayed him anyway, but I read it right and got mugged. So so gutted.

Anyway I won the £4k guaranteed tonight, taking home £1.1k. I was 250k to 400k down at heads up, I got slightly in front. Raised with QJ, he called. Flop JJK, I check he goes all in!
K6 he has!
I played really well in this, as I have been recently.
I am really pleased to win this tournament, as I don't play it hardly at all, but my previous best was 2nd and it was nice to go one better.

I am off to bed, gutted but £1.1k richer.


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