Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back again

I have been working so much over the last week or so, that I have not had a chance to update this blog so apologies.

I played in the APAT event at the Broadway casino in Birmingham at the weekend, aside from being an absolute nightmare to get to, it was a very well run event. Well done to the APAT, a very good first effort.

I am not sure about the applauding everyone as they get knocked out, I certainly did not feel like taking a round of applause when my AK ran into TT on an AKT flop. Still more useful live experience.
The difficulty I am finding with live play is that it is so much slower than on-line, so you end up trying to do things that you probably should not.
I will definintely look at trying to play a few more of these events.

I also visited the EPT in London, what a dissapointment. My main event experience has been at the World Series and the Caribbean Poker Classic, so maybe my expectations were too high.
The event was restricted to 400 people (200 each day), but everyone was so crammed in, the 200 players were in different corners of the room, you could not watch anything and only about 5% of the whole casino was dedicated to arguably the biggest poker event in the UK. Surely there is a better venue than this.
It just looked like an annoying distraction to their casino players.
I plan to play in one of the EPT events this season, I would hope that they would be better than this.

I played on-line last night for the first time in a while, aside from a few quick thunder tournaments. I only failed to make the money or qualify in one of the five events I played in. My AQ lost to KQ (king on the river) with five left in the cpc qualifier.

Better news though in other events, I qualified for Sundays e440 final for the EPT as well as Thursdays $370 double shootout final. I also managed a cash in the 10k (first time I have played that in a month or so) although I was less than happy when 'bigozy' decided to call my all in preflop reraise with KQ when I was holding KK and lose to a flush.
Still it felt good to be playing again. (Beating Noseyboy heads up when he a 4.7kto 1.3k chip lead on me was fun!)

Tonight, I have the Poker in Goa competition on TGF Poker to play in, where I am currently lying in 4th place overall. Apart from that I will be out and about on my beloved Littlewoods site, I have the e132 EPT, $228cpc and £120 50k to qualify for, as well as getting back on the £15k scene (I have missed it!)

Thank you to all those who have emailed me, making sure I still exist! I promise to continue blogging away.


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