Saturday, September 09, 2006

Heads up Defeat

I lost my first heads up game in a long time tonight.
Usually when I reach the last two of a tournament, I managed to take down the tournament.
This was the $6k guaranteed. I basically called a coin flip and lost, when I had no need to do so.
Easy afterwards! Still £700 more in the bank.
I would have like to have added another title to my collection, but 2nd is still nice, plus I have won that one before, so I would have felt worse if I hadn't.

I have also won a seat for the EPT seat final on Sunday.

September has started well with the £4k win and now the $6k second, so the poker is definitely going well.
There are 3 $10k addeds tomorrow that are new for the schedule this week, so they will take focus tomorrow.
I am looking forward to playing in the English Amateur Poker Championship in two weeks time, plus I will also be playing another live game in October in the Bad Beat final.

All I need now, is to win an EPT or CPC event so that the live practice can come in handy!


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