Monday, September 11, 2006

Another Heads Up Defeat

I decided last night to try and defend my £4k crown that I won last Sunday.
468 players lined up and I ultimately failed in my quest, but I did manage second place!
£700 more in the kitty, but I really wanted the honour of back to back £4ks.

It was not looking likely with just 5 players left, I had just lost a massive pot and was left with just 13030 chips. 1000 went into the ante and 12000 the big blind, so I sit there with 30 chips left!

10 mins later I have eliminated 3 players and am heads up with 300k in chips!

I started the heads up against MrDeviant (Lin or Deviant69 when he plays on Littlewoods) about 100k behind - 400k to 300k.
I reversed this trend with some constant small raising.
We then had a break and his tactics changed and he started going all in. There was one instance where I was holding 96 and the board was 359 all spades, he went all in for 300k and I decided to fold, I believed I would get a better opportunity.

A very similiar opportunity arose where I had A7 and the board was 976 all spades. I held the Ace of spades. I decided to call the all in this time and he turned over a set of 7's. I still had enough outs but it did not hit.

I was dissapointed not to win again, but when you are playing someone who moves all in frequently at some point you are going to have to take a stand, espeically when you are putting a minimum of 18k in every hand.

Two heads up situations over the weekend, which I both lost but £1400 and two seconds is not all bad.

I also managed to reach the final table of the CPC shootout for the second successive week, but this time crashed out in 5th place.
My CPC seat is getting close, I am hoping its just around the corner!


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