Monday, September 11, 2006


Tonight I am just going to rant! This is a pure bad beat entry - please do not read if it annoys you!

4k Level 3 - Holding KK - someone goes all in, I call for all my chips. He has JT.
15k Level 1 - Holding AA - someone raises, I reraise, hes all in, I call. He has AJ
2.5k Level 5 - Holding KK, one guy all in, a caller, Im all in. The other calls. A8 and 88
EPT Qual Level 2 - Holding AK, two limpers, a raise, Im all in. He has AJ
CPC 1st hand - Holding 77, I raise, 1 caller. Flop 78Q. He bets big, I call. Turn T, he bets more than pot. Im all in. He calls. He has QT

I lost every single one of these hands. 5 hands, where I am a massive favourite. If you add the 3 coin flips, I also lost. Then you will understand why at 9pm, I have withdrawn from all tournaments tonight.

What beat me.
Hand 1 - J on flop, J on river
Hand 2 - 2 hearts on flop, runner runner heart
Hand 3 - The one remaining 8 on turn
Hand 4 - 2 hearts on flop, heart on river
Hand 5 - Another T on river.

I do not know whats hit me tonight! I hope this is not the start of things to come, as im stopping now if thats the case.

I feel sick!

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