Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time to make my March

The EPT Dortmund is almost upon us.
This is my opportunity to make a name for myself (hopefully positively!). My aim at the end of it is to be able to be found on the Hendon mob database, due to a cash in a major tournament.
I am still waiting to ascertain what day I will be playing on, but aside from knowing this I am relatively happy with my preparations.
I have not played more than the odd game here and there for quite some time. In the last few games I am definitely finding my game is coming back.
A few more games over the weekend and I feel that I will be ready but also fresh for Dortmund.

February has been a profitable month, but a quiet one. I definitely feel I played too much during January. The main highlight being the 2nd place in the highrollers event winning over £2k.

I was disappointed that I could not go for the leaderboard in a bigger way, I was just simply far too tired to maintain a level of play over the 20 days. Well done to Matt (Noseyboy) for securing his Monte Carlo seat. There are some real crypto stars flying over to Monte Carlo, good luck to them all.

I am still finding it a little difficult to get completely motivated for playing poker, but this is really due to the amount of things I have going on from a work point of view. I know that in order to play at my best I need to be free of distractions, or at least know exactly what I am going from a work point of view.

I do know for certain that I want to go back to Las Vegas this year, so when I return from Dortmund, Vegas becomes number one on the agenda. I am not that bothered about playing the main event (although it would be nice), but I would like to be there and play in a few of the events.

I will be playing tonight in the Dream Team tournament. The team have started playing in the last two weeks and we are moving nicely up the table. I am hoping we can continue this positive momentum. I will also play in the £12k, just to keep my poker brain ticking over!


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