Friday, March 23, 2007

Further Dream Team Update

Congratulations to M.M who last night won the highrollers their first victory in the dream team event.

A fantastic performance which catapults us up the league table and right into contention, providing some much needed impetus for this event. The new Betfair software has not gone down well with the team, causing many issues and problems. Hopefully now we can pull together in the quest for retaining our crown.

Whilst we are in congratulatory mode, I only recently found out that Alex '--00--' won the $100k on Mansion last week, very well done to you sir.

From a personal point of view, with the little time I get to play poker at the moment, I may as well give up! Work has been the order of the day. I do hope to announce a new venture very shortly, this probably won't help the amount of poker I am playing but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Only a few games this week. I managed a final table and 5th place in the $3k and I won another $77 WSOP qualifier for this sundays $530 final, but aside from that my few games have not materialised in anything fantastic.

March has been a very quiet month and following my great start to the year in January, February and March have not followed suit. Not because of anything other than the time and energy to play Poker have not been available.

Short term I do not see this changing, so I have to remain very focused on what I am going to try to achieve. I will consider my objectives over the weekend and come back with a challenge, so that in the limited time I have available, I can focus to the best of my abilities.


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