Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 1 in Dortmund

I am now successfully in Dortmund, eagerly awaiting the start of the EPT. My day is 1B, so I still have one day to wait.

Littlewoods as ever make the events as special as they can, by throwing in some champagne on the short flight over from Luton. Thank you Bruce!

It was nice to meet up with the two Tony's, Mr Chessa and Mr Cascarino. Although Mr Chessa was asleep for most of the day!

Tony Cascarino and myself went off to try and find and find a bar showing the Arsenal - PSV, but in Germany when Bayern Munich were playing Real Madrid, it was always likely to be in vain!

Instead we ended up at the Poker Stars party, which was nicely set out with a beach setting and a free bar (that always helps). They also showed all of the Champions League games on two minute rotations, with the results as they were though, I wish they had not of bothered.

I will check out the casino and poker room, later on today to get a feel for the layout and then have a relaxing day preparing myself for my first EPT event experience.



Anonymous said...

You are on the Card Player website saying you are taking on the best of Europe in Dortmund. How on earth did you get on there?
If these guys are tracking you you must be one of the favorites.

Good luck from your fans in the USA.

Brad, Wisconsin

snoopy1239 said...

Sry, just noticed that you're Day 1B.

Good luck!

TheDeacon said...

all the best in the tourney mate