Friday, March 09, 2007

A day of Waiting

The organisation has not been the best at this EPT event.

Turning up at 1pm today to register for the main event, 3 and a half hours later still no resolution! No suprises that it was a late start today.

The setting is a bit odd, most people staying in hotels which are a 20 Euro ride away, every taxi seems to be 20 Euros! The casino and poker rooms are very seperate, the casino requires a jacket and tie to enter, how many poker players do you know that wear a jacket and tie!

Also a bit odd, is that is you want to go in and watch the event, it costs 60 euros, even for players! I fancied going to see the event and see how it was, but was not paying 60 euros for the priveledge. I briefly became a member of the press to check it out.

It was supposed to be a 500 sell out, but only 237 started today, I saw a number of big names arrive tonight, delayed 24 hours from the recent Goa tournament, so I am wondering whether they will try and squeeze 263 in tomorrow.

I had dinner tonight with Tony Chessa and John Kabbaj and am learning card games that I never even knew existed.

I would just like to say a big thanks to Bruce at Littlewoods again, no matter what is happening, he can never do enough for you.

Right sleep time now and get ready for the big day.


dumbsmuck said...

Best of luck mate, we are all thinking of you and hoping your big hands hold up!! Don't let those pro's bully you too much!

Anonymous said...

You have described quite a bit of your preperation for this event. Is this something you have experience of or something you have taken advice over?
I know in other sports the players have certain pre-match things to do that can start days beforehand.
What would you say is best for an event like this? Some say bananas are best for the mind or rice good for energy etc. Do you have a special diet?
I only play the weekly $30 game in my local casino on Friday but anything like this that could give me a slight edge would be helpful.
Please advise.

Jim (Wisconsin) - Yes another one of the US gang I'm afraid.