Saturday, March 10, 2007

Early Reflections

6 hours on and its time to reflect on the days play.
Thanks for the comment 'not good enough im afraid'. It helps to look at the negative aspect of the day and the room for improvement rather and then the positives.

So what happened. Yes I did wait for some cards and yes I would expect better than I received. I played tight in the first levels and that was my intention. When the antes kicked in, I was going to open up more. I was comfortable that I would be able to do that on my first table.
When I moved tables in level 7, I was left with a table with 6 short stacks and 3 very large stacks. I made 3 all in moves with nothing and went down unchallenged.
For the last hour nearly every hand was all in, the opportunites I had to move were very slim.

The final hand, for the first time in 30 mins, no one in first 3 positions entered the pot, it folded around to the button, who was going to move with any two cards. I figured that 76 was not going to be a massive underdog and I was not going to let my chip stack deplete and further.

I obviously would have like to have done better, but getting this far was a step in the right direction for me.
I made more moves than I usually do, I took down a couple of pots that I was very pleased with to keep my stack up.

Being critical, I could have thrown my chips around more, but I also have to ask myself would that have made any difference. Yes I wanted to make the money and yes I am dissapointed.

On the positive side enough, I have learnt so much more from the live game that, it can only help me for the future.
Keep the comments coming, its the only way I can learn.



007apr said...

UL m8, your time will come!

Anonymous said...

you are a legend in my eyes. unlucky. you cant win them all


snoopy1239 said...

Well played and hard luck, if anything, it was surely a great experience.

ps. I notice you got your picture on blonde.